Zhongshan, Guangdong China

Zhongshan is among many manufacturing cities in the Pearl River delta and is a cool place to be especially for the friendly locals and well kempt streets. It has a large population and there are westerners doing business or working in this part of Guangdong, China. However, away from the hustle and bustle of machines and man at work, there is a very different side of this city that draws tourists to it in droves.

Major Attractions

Dr. Sun Yat

Sen’s memorial hall is a great place to visit if you are interested in the heroes who shaped Chinese history. The doctor is greatly admired in the nation for his role in the Chinese revolution and the only way future generations can get a glimpse of his life and works is by visiting this great hall in the city centre. There is so much in honor of this man among them a street and museums not to mention that “Zhongshan” is actually his family name.

Wugui Mountain Peak

A great attraction for visitors as it bears a lot of scenic beauty around it. It lies at the mouth of the Pearl River which is the epitome of majestic beauty.


These flowers are everywhere in the city and to say the least they are incredibly beautiful. The locals love these flowers so much that there is a show from October to November every year when the mums are in full bloom.

Yangtze River

Green cascade is a must see while you are in the vicinity of Zhongshan. This massive river magically reflects the greenery of the hills surrounding it to produce an idyllic sight for anyone looking.

Sun Wen Xi

If you love looking at great works of art, do not miss a walk down Sun Wen Xi road which is decorated with life like murals and sculptures in celebration of the great Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Sun Yat-Sen Park

Lovers of flora have a wide choice in Zhongshan because besides enjoying the chrysanthemums, one can visit the Sun Yat-sen Park located in the lovely Xinzhong Zhuijin road. There is a lot of vegetation to attract your eye and the best thing is that no entrance fees are charged.

Where to Eat

The Hengxin Restaurant

Boasts both great ambience and delectable cuisine. It is a Cantonese style place where you and your family can enjoy some BBQ meats and a whole selection of seafood.

Fuhua King Hall

If you want to discover the real tasty of steamed buns, the Fuhua King Hall restaurant is the place to be. The texture is amazing and the prices are considerably cheap in comparison with other eating places.


The best place to sample Greek and Italian food in the heart of Zhongshan is the Taverna. You will not be disappointed but rather impressed by the array and aroma of pizzas, lamb cutlets, oregano potatoes and so much more.

The Zhongshan International

The Zhongshan International restaurant is famous for their Dim Sum. It is the place for fine diners and if you are not deterred by the price tag, there is a load of delights waiting just for your taste buds.

Sa Cha

There is nothing as bad as travelling to a location and not sampling the local cuisine. Visit the ‘Sa Cha’ Noodle bowl along Zhongshan road and get to sample some delectable noodles and choose your ingredients.

The Best Western Hotel

A restaurant that serves the most delicious seafood. You will appreciate the cleanliness and polite staff during your stay.


The Natural Antiques

This store is a great place to find gifts to take home. The most common items here are Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Wood carvings and purple clay pots among so many more items to remind you of the city.

Western Sunwen & Fengyuan Commercial

Find more souvenirs at Western Sunwen road and Zhongshan Fengyuan Commercial Street.

Daxin Xinduhui Mall

Tourists often get supplies at the Holiday Square mall or the popular Daxin Xinduhui mall.


The place to go shopping for French lady shoes in the middle of China.


There is a professional DIY store where customers can design their own shoes. It is located at No.30, Wenhua road.


For an interesting book, go to Zhongshan bookstore in Shiqi district.

Where to Have Fun

Lan Kwai Fang

If you want a taste of the nightlife, go to the Lan Kwai Fang bar and drink all night without any hindrance

Alex’s Bar

A place for both the young and young at heart. There are DJs and live bands playing plus a wide selection of drinks. Fun is all you can have at this club which opens at 6 in the evening till morning.

Friends Club

You can have fun both day and night at Friend’s club. There is a lovely garden that your eyes can feast upon not to mention myriad indoor games to enjoy.

Chung Shan Hot Springs Golf Club

There is enough day time entertainment for everyone at the Chung Shan Hot Spring Golf Club.

Water Village

Visit the Zhongshan Lingnan water village to make sure that your entire family has a good time in the area. There are lots of fun activities that you can indulge in.


The Miramar entertainment park is home to IMAX theatres and ideal for the tourist looking for some quiet time watching a great movie.

How to Get Around

The city is a transportation hub filled with trunk roads, railways and waterways. The easiest and cheapest way to get around the city is by a motorbike taxi. They are easy to find and you can strike a good bargain with the friendly drivers.

The bus station next to Fuhua hotel is a great place to catch a bus out and around the city. If you are confused, ask a bellboy to show you the way. The ferry is an efficient way to travel form Hong Kong to Zhongshan. The trip takes two hours and you can get to the harbor by taxi. The intercity mass rapid transit line is a great way to get around as there are many train stations along the way. There is also efficient air transport as the closest airport is Guangzhou International airports from where you can take a shuttle bus to your destination.

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