Yangzi Region

Yangtze is in the populous region in China in the Asian continent, it is the largest in the world in terms of people and size. Amazingly, Yangtze has a population of around 2000-5000 people making traveling to the Yangtze region an interesting escapade and adventure away from the other densely populated cities like Shanghai. It is in the region of Hubei and Wuhan. Most people here are of Asian ethnicity and practice Buddhism as a religion hence the presence of many spectacular temples. The main unit of exchange is the Chinese,Yuan. Exchanging or withdrawing of money is done in the Bank of China in cities and credit cards like MasterCard or American Express are widely accepted. Keep in mind too that credit cards can’t be used in small stores but cash is widely accepted. Take amount that you really need as converting back to preferred currency is a daunting task. Beware of counterfeit money. Western Union is a convenient way of receiving money if your ATM doesn’t work or you run out of cash. You are required to apply for a single tourist visa for China mainland which is valid for 30 days, whereby you can conduct business as usual, there is extension too. No visa requirement for those traveling to Hong Kong prior to visiting but on arrival, it is issued. Don’t drink tap water, always drink bottled water. Be vaccinated before traveling too. Little English is spoken in Yangtze but police officers, who speak little English can guide, if lost. Never forget to pack insect repellents, hats during the summer, cash and credit cards, rain clothes if traveling during the rainy seasons, airline and cruise tickets. Spring and autumn are the best times to travel to Yangtze.

There are also several hotels to crush for the night away from the ship cruise life, hotels like the Super 8 offer, accommodation away from home.

Major Attractions

Traveling to Yangtze you will not want to go home without a cruise of the Yangtze River, which is the third largest in the world due to its large water volumes. The river is used for transportation of both people and goods. The river experiences flooding especially during the rainy seasons, in May and June and July and August.  River Yangtze has three river gorges, which are breathtaking for tourists. The villages were beautiful but modernization has crashed the heritage of this beautiful town, vernacular architecture has been destroyed due to homogenization.  Do not despair though as there are awesome arts to see, like a scientific reading on classic architecture along the Yangtze which is the hallmark, a spectacular view with mountains making it very picturesque.  There is also a rock and sun scenery along the river, which is so breathtaking.

Where to Eat

In Yangtze, the aroma of food in restaurants never stops to taunt your taste buds. There are several delicacies served like the Chinese chicken wings, appetizers, beef teriyaki, crab Rangoon and more all at affordable prices, but be careful as there are ‘strange meals’ like a dog food which is a delicacy in some restaurants and in rural places like Yangtze Region. You will be served by very friendly but curious waiters and waitresses wanting to know where you are from and if you are enjoying your cruise or stay in the region.

Hot dry noodles is always available for breakfast, others include, sweetened pancakes made with rice flour, doughnut dumplings in pork soup.  There is also the Kebab which is gaining popularity in the Yangtze region. There are strong to mild drinks which are like wine served.  There is a drinking age limit of 18 but which is not adhered to as most Yangtze is in rural China.  So it is not uncommon to find under-age kids drinking alcohol but in bigger cities this rule is strictly followed.


There are on line stores in Yangtze, where you can shop for various products like the silk chiffon scarves popular in Yangtze and all of China, in all colors pearl necklaces, silk pillow cases where you can pay in dollars and shipping is done. You can shop in departmental stores too, be a smart shopper and always bargain where necessary.  Bring also small US dollar bills, like 10 or 20.  There are various items to buy and antique shops, cashmere sweaters, rugs and more silk scarves are never short of supply in this spectacular town.  Never feel obliged to shop, though. Historical museums greet the Yangtze region and a Museum to house the Yangtze River is under construction.  There are inscriptions here which need to be protected as they have historical meaning to the Yangtze region and people.  There is also a museum to house the three gorges of the Yangtze, which also boasts a collection dated to the Shang dynasty.  The Dongba Museum which has historical importance to the Dongba people is found here, which has contributed relics helping in the preservation of the culture and art.  Yangtze boasts of several parks, showcasing their history and importance of their culture, such is the presence of the Jade Buddha temple, a gift from the Burma people.  The presence of animals like lions, tigers and even bears like the giant pandas makes Yangtze a complete tourist destination. There is the Yangtze River alligators and the golden-haired monkeys which frequent the river’s gorges.  Botanical gardens, Hubei provincial museum, Wuhan zoo, Baotong temple, villas and lakes are in abundance.

Shopping malls like the Jianghan road, mostly for pedestrian shoppers is situated here abuzz with stores selling make-up, souvenirs,house wares,clothes,movies,food. Hans street is also ideal for shopping with various up-scale restaurants and clubs.  It is a well-lit street with a construction of a complex mall under-way.

Where to Have Fun

The Wuhan town is a major part of Yangtze, where you can get around either by car, ferry, rail or taxi. The Yellow Crane Tower, which is a great tourist attraction here graces the region of Yangtze.  On the street, there is the Jiqing Street, which at night becomes an entertainment spot with activities ranging from stand-up comedy, dance-restaurants, where food is cheap ideal for budget travelers.  The Dragon boat festival which has its origins here is popularly celebrated.  There is a presence of various nightclubs, signifying the importance of unwinding after long days or week, clubs like Helen’s cafe, Wuhan prison, La Provence, Grammy International, Topone Bar, just to name a few are frequented by those who love night fun.

Traveling to Yangtze region, for affordable prices, you will be greeted by the presence of the Chinese culture as this is the epitome of the Chinese people.  Though a non-English speaking people, they are friendly and offer smiles and laughs.  This is a superb getaway destination especially during the boring months of long winter colds.  You will learn lots concerning the Chinese culture.  Book yourself with either a cruise ship or a hotel accommodation, so as to enjoy the Yangtze region features or you can book both.

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