Wenchang, Hainan, China

Wenchang Village is spotted on charming Hainan Island and is situated in the middle of stunning seaside settings. This town is well known for its weaving and turning engineering and provides for you an opportunity to encounter customary lifestyles and neighborhood society. Hainan region is the most diminutive area in China. Absolute populace of Hainan has developed from 7.4 million in the year 1997 to 8.5 million in year 2007, speaking to a 14.9 percent development over a time of ten years. Around the populace, more than 1.3 million are ethnic minorities. As far as populace, the Li are the biggest unique gathering in Wenchang. Set betwixt beautiful waterfront painted scenes, the charming Hainan Island is a piece of the People’s Republic of China and offers an ideal getaway by the ocean. This island in the South China Sea is an incredible spot to set off on trips and separated from the pleasant regular landscape, one will additionally discover a few locales of premium that give understanding into the locale’s rich history, society and legacy. One such site worth going by is Shuinan Village which gives you a chance to get a thought of conventional town lifestyle.Below follows Shopping, Major Attractions, Where to eat, Transportation, Entertainment, Nightlife for travelling to Wenchang, Hainan, China.

Major Attractions

Wenchang Pavilion

Placed at east Guiyang city, was implicit the 24th year throughout the Reign of Emperor Wanli. Prestigious for its fragile configuration and different compositional style, Winching Pavilion is the key society relic under common security.

 Occasion Beach

The shore comprises of a sunbathing range, ocean sports territory, and ocean bottom and society region and recreation zone. The Roman-style Hot Spring Paradise, which can oblige in excess of 1800 crowds, regularly offer different sorts of exhibitions, including water balance artistry, jumping, and singing and moving. In the recreation range, there is a livelihood focus, different sorts of camps and lofts, where guests can appreciate a calm and agreeable night at here.

Xing long Tropical Botanical

A breathtaking common locale in Hainan, well known for tropical money crops, wild plants and uncommon species. Called the “tropical plant reference book,” the arrangement comprises of five regions. The arrangement additionally assumes a vital part in farming development and exploration.

Monkey Island

It is Located on the Nan wan landmass, 14 kilometers south of Lingshui County, Monkey Island is a state-ensured and just nature saves for macaque monkeys on the planet. Built in 1965, the island has turned into a famous visitor terminus.

Daxiao Dongxiang Caves

Located 40 kilometers west of Sonya, Dacia Dongxiang Caves have a history of more than 800 years. It is the most famous mountain for its uncommon perspectives of the ocean, run of the mill mountain scene and delightful rocks, which have been the subject of numerous excellent Chinese ballads. It is likewise home to the Natural Museum of Sonya, which offers dinosaur fossils.

Wuzhizhou Island

Located in Hating Bay north of Sonya, Wuzhizhou Island is the “No. 1 narrows under the sun.” It is one of the extraordinary islands that have freshwater in Hainan. It has more than 2,000 sorts of plants, including the valuable dracaena. Wuzhizhou Island brags charming temperature year-round clean water and different sorts of tropical fish and fish, for example, ocean cucumber, lobster, mackerel and ocean urchin. The ocean deceivability down to 27 meters makes it the best place for making the plunge China.

Where to Eat

Valid Winching Restaurant

Chickens are kept in confines for something like one month, and bolstered every day on banyan seed, sweet potatoes, coconut shreds, and rice or nut scones. On this eating regimen the fowls develop stout rapidly, however are not greasy. The chicken is bubbled and slashed into portions, bringing about meat which is delicate with fresh skin and delicate bones.

Tangshan Mutton

Is lamb steamed, stewed, cooked or braised in coconut milk. Tangshan sheep are raised on the slants of Tangshan Mountain in Waning City. The mountain’s delicate Zhou tea-leaves are the most loved sustenance of the sheep. Their meat is sweet-smelling and non-oily. It tastes scrumptious alone or might be made into a rich soup

Heel Crab

Is processed in Lessen Town of Waning County. It is acclaimed for its intense shell and crisp, delicate meat. It is cooked by steaming, cooking, bubbling, blend broiling, absorbing liquor or pickling in salt.

Jigjig Duck

Is found in Jigjig Town of Qinghai City. This assortment of duck was brought into Hainan Province from Malaysia around 300 years back. The duck was initially cultivated in Jigjig Town, and then spread all around the area. At first, the infant ducklings are nourished with crisp water fish fingerlings and little shrimp, or worms.


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 Hainan Village

Hainan Village is additionally acclaimed for being the spot where Huang Droop, credited for spearheading weaving engineering throughout the Yuan Dynasty.

 Sonya Resort

Sonya resort by the ocean from which to investigate this island can consider Anantara Sonya Resort & Spa. Set against settings of both the coast and mountain painted scenes, this resort in Sonya likewise has a spa where you can appreciate an extent of all encompassing recuperating medications and treatments.

Where to Have Fun

Tropical Arboretum

Located at the south of the island, Sonya shore resort is a mainstream traveler objective, viewed by the State Council as one of the real visitor spots in China.


Apart from sorting out customary celebrations, occasions and discussions to help Hainan’s tourism industry, numerous recreational improvement zones have likewise developed in the region.

Sonya Seashore

Tourism is an essential industry inside the division. Hainan has special tropical and subtropical view with good atmosphere and evergreen vegetation.


A well known winter resort around the world has fine white sands and clean ocean water.

How to Get Around

Wenchang is in the west of Hunan. There are numerous transports heading to Hainan transport station you can get to Huachuca first. For instance, you can take open transportation to Huachuca from Shenzhen.

If you need to get to Wenchang, first, you can discover the metro transport to the Huaihua transport station when you get out from the line station.

There are numerous transports heading to Wenchang, in the Huaihua transport station and the outing is about two and a half hours. In the event that you want to get to Joshua in the first place, you will need to take a taxi to the Joshua transport station.


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