Oh, those business trips! If you are a travelling aficionado like us, you would never turn down an opportunity to travel, and a business trip seems like a perfect opportunity not only to step up your career game but also to enjoy and experience the culture of whatever destination you are headed towards. With these tips, you will definitely be inspired to achieve and see more!

Before even leaving your city for a business trip, plan what you want to achieve from it! Set your goals and benchmarks and discuss the meetings awaiting, print out the papers needed. Make sure that you stay in the gear when you arrive and don’t let yourself to relax too much. Be alert and active when you are in your work mode. Once you are done with your tasks, only then let yourself wander around the city you are staying in. Great motivation to do your best, isn’t it?

Even though there is something really romantic about spontaneous travelling, leave this for your weekend getaways. Make sure to think through every step before you board the plane and leave time for the unexpected force-majeure type of situations. One of the best pieces of advice I was given by my colleagues to never board an evening plane. If something happens and flight gets rescheduled or cancelled you might be arriving at your destination later than you thought, which might leave you tired and unwell before the important day. Trust us on this one – nothing is worse than arriving at your hotel jet-lagged at 5 am when you have your first meeting scheduled at 8 am of the same morning.