Before traveling to Thailand, there are key things that you need to know about this country. It is located in Southeastern Asia where it borders Andaman Sea and the prominent gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is the capital city. The country has an estimated population of 64,865,523 and this comprises of Thai 75%, and Chinese 14% other groups constitutes 11% only. Climate here varies from tropical ((rainy and warm) in mid-May to September) to cool and dry in November to mid-march. The leading religions here are Buddhism (95%) and Christianity (0.5%). Hinduism makes 0.1% while others make up a total of 0.6%. Monarchy type of constitution rules the land of Thailand. Thai language is dominant here which comes with 44 constants and 32 vowels. Other languages spoken in this country are Chinese, Lao, Mon-Khmer and Malay. English is now being incorporated in this country and most of the learning institutions are facilitating this change. This will improve the integration of the visitors with the citizens of this country. Wai is the traditional way of passing greetings and it is highly respected. Khun is phrases used to refer to both men and women and this shows their respect especially by the teenagers.

Major Attractions

Ko Tarutao Island

Ko Tarutao Island is a preferred site by many visitors. Wildlife is major concern here and one will enjoy watching and taking pictures of animals such as sea turtles and big whales. The unique monitor lizards and crab-eating macaques are also found here. It is in this island that you will meet the famous mouse deer. The waters here are alluring compared to what you get in other islands.

Ayutthaya Park

Ayutthaya park which is a historical sites and comprises of remains of temples and palaces of Ayutthaya City. This was after destruction by Burmese army in 1767 which brought an end to this city. This gives a good picture of ancient buildings as these were the only buildings which were constructed using stones during that time.

Ko Chang Marine Park

Ko Chang Marine Park archipelago which is the second biggest island in this city and a choice by many visitors is a major attraction site. It is here that you will get several amazing waterfalls and a good view of coral reefs which are formed after death and condensation of sea creatures. The rain forests available here will make your photography work alluring. Several wildlife animals are found here such as birds, snakes and deer as well.

Grand Palace

Other attraction sites include Grand Palace, Similan Islands, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Railay, Phang Nga Bay, Koh Tao and Ko Phi Phi Island.

Where to eat

There are a number of hotels in Thailand which offer excellent services and amenities. Both local and international foods are offered in these hotels. Experts are involved in the preparation of these foods and this is the reason behind the delicious meals served here. Alluring discounts and coupons are available in most hotels and this is for the advantage of the visitors. Swimming pools and other indoor games are also offered. Fitness centers are also made available in these hotels. Do not worry about internet connectivity. It is in these hotels that the supply of the connection is good and fastest so as to meet the internet needs of a visitor. Some of these hotels include lebua at State Tower,Grand Sukhumvit Hotel, Hansar Bangkok Hotel ,Chatrium Riverside, Novotel Ploenchit, Baiyoke Sky Hotel and many more.

Baan Khanitha & Gallery

Baan Khanitha’ is an award-winning restaurant, the brainchild of Khanitha Akaranitikul an elegant lady, who made her name as a designer. Khanitha founded Baan Khanitha Thai Cuisine’ based on Thai-style in Soi Sukhumvit on 4th November 1993.

Having a Thai ambiance, sculptures, paintings, plants, décor, traditional and antique handicrafts, and delicious Thai cuisine is served in beautifully custom designed plates and dishes.

Baan Rim Pa Restaurant

It is a magnificent Thai teak house made on cliff having spectacular views over Andaman Sea and is the home to famous and delicious dishes

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant has made its name even outside Thailand as the most stylish restaurant chain offering authentic Thai cuisine. Situated in an old style colonial building it has a great setting, ambiance and style.


It is a place where one can sample gastronomic pleasures from all around the world without having to leave their table. Both buffet and a la carte selections are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kinnaree Gourmet Thai

Dishes here have been made mainly for foreign clientele, although their spicy and strong elements can be enhanced to have more authentic levels, or to please the local diners. The presentation is well done, and was the first restaurant where lotus flowers was used for decoration. Having various dishes it never fails to impress the visitors.

Ramayana Restaurant

It has the system of international buffet and dinner that are served daily along with fine selections of International dishes having interior design that depicts the atmosphere of the great epic “Ramayana”.

Where to go for shopping

Central World Megamall

Some of the prominent shopping malls in Thailand include Central World megamall which is a lifestyle center for all fashionable products that are available today.

MBK shopping center is a well-known shopping place for both the locals and foreigners who come to this city. It is made of eight floors which contains more than two thousands shops with a variety of products. Catering services are also found here.

Siam Paragon is center where all new arrivals of shoes are found.

Terminal 21 makes one feel at home while in Bangkok because it is a multinational center where almost all products from all over the world are found.

Shibuya 19 shopping mall in Bangkok gives a good market for clothes of various models and for various groups.

Siam square is a suitable place to look for new arrivals and upcoming designs. Money exchange services are found in these market areas and this helps to accommodate the visitors from all over the world.

Where to have fun

After enjoying the whole day in various places in Thailand, it is good to choose a luxurious place to have your drinks or entertainment tonight. This should not be a big worry because a number of clubs and other luxurious places are available in Bangkok. They are known to have excellent live music and famous Djs are found there. They include Siam Indigo in Phuket town, Sanaeha bar. Surin and Kamala are ideal places for those interested in surfing. Pattaya resort offers a number of water sport activities. Koh Samui is another good choice for fantastic nightlife.

How to get around

Tuk Tuks

Moving around the city should not be a bother to visitors because a number of convenient transports are available. A lot of safety is included in any of these means. Tuk tuks are a major form of transport in this city. In areas with navigable waters, boat services are available. Elephants are used in rural set ups mostly by the locals. Bangkok is the only city in Thailand with metro services and tour buses. Long distance buses are operated by Transport Company Limited and private agencies. A big number of private companies exist. Tax vans are all over the city for hire. Songthaew services are also available. Air transport occurs in about 11 airports in this place. This offers both local and international transport. Ferry services are available between islands and other navigable waters for public transport. International ferries are also available. Visitors are thus free to choose from the above list.

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