Tanzania borders Uganda and Kenya to the north, DRC, Burundi and Rwanda to the west, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia to the south and is the largest country in the Eastern Africa region. The main languages are Kiswahili and English. Kiswahili is the most common and most popular language in East Africa. Nonetheless, there are over 1000 other languages spoken within the region, influenced by the four main language categories, Bantu, Nilotish, Cushitish and Khoisan. There are a number of religions in the country, including Christians, Muslims, Hindus and natural religions. The practices and customs of the Islamic religion should be properly followed, particularly regarding the mode of dressing.

Tanzania is certainly worth visiting. Whether exploring Mt. Kilimanjaro, seeing the wild animals at the Serengeti National Park, soaking up the sun in Zanzibar, Tanzania offers something for everyone.

Major Attractions

When visiting Tanzania, some of the best places to explore and enjoy your vacation include Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Ruaha, Selous and Katavi. Obviously, you will also want to visit the Serengeti national park, where you get a chance to see the incredible annual migration of wildebeest. Some of the most magnificent beaches in the world can be found in Tanzania and the Zanzibar archipelago, as well as the idyllic Mafia Island. Here are the top six tourist attractions in Tanzania:

Mount Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania

Tanzania is considered as one of the best destinations for mountain climbing and adventure vacation in general. Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain and stands at 586 m above sea level. It takes up to six day to reach to the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro. The best thing about this mountain is that everyone who is healthy and fit can climb to the top.

The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania

The Serengeti provides the best African safari environment. The migration of millions of zebras and wildebeest begins there. It has extensive grasslands that make it ideal for watching lions as you can watch the entire scene clearly. You will find mobile camps for accommodation purposes as the wildebeest stays in particular sections of the park, influenced by the prevailing conditions.


The natural beauty of the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar makes this country so great for romantic vacation. Zanzibar boasts several top-notch beaches, which can be explored on a budget. Many of the neighboring islands are an absolute paradise for the luxurious tourist and Mnemba Island is particularly great for a romantic holiday.

Mafia Island

This is unexploited Tanzanian treasure. It has a great history and a powerful Swahili tradition uninfluenced by tourism. Some of the most popular activities here include deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area hosts plenty of wildlife, especially within the Ngorongoro crater. Here, you can see elephants and the black rhino, as well as the Ngorongoro Crater itself.

Katavi, Western Tanzania

Katavi is a leading wildlife destination in Tanzania. It is home to beautiful and untouched animals. Katavi is visited by few travelers because it is located in a remote area. However, it is accessible by aircraft and has two excellent camps.

Where to Eat

There is no shortage of places to eat in Tanzania. Most modern restaurants are located in shopping centers and high-class destinations. There is a range of cuisines available including cheap native dishes and the more expensive seafood meals.

Serengeti Restaurant

The Serengeti Restaurant is the ideal place to take your family for lunch. Enjoy the beautiful Tanzanian weather in the magnificent garden as you enjoy lunch or dinner. Apart from these buffets, it also offers a special-themed selection of meals inspired by Swiss menus.

Tatu Restaurant, Pub and Whisky Bar

Located in Zanzibar Stone Town, Tatu provides fresh meals, soft drinks and easy internet connection, all with magnificent views of the ocean.

Osaka Sushi and Teppanyaki Restaurant, Dar Es Salam

Osaka Sushi and Teppanyaki Restaurant is a real Japanese eatery offering Teppanyaki, Tempura, Sushi, and a broad array of Japanese dishes with some of the finest ingredients out there.

Vama Restaurant, Arusha

Located in Arusha , Vama Restaurant offers a great, modern setting in which you can enjoy a great variety of Indian dishes with influences and specialties from India.

Panda Chinese Restaurant, Moshi

This is the only genuine Chinese eatery in Moshi. It offers an extensive menu of chicken, prawns, fish, meat and a range of vegetarian dishes.

Samaki Samaki

Samaki Samaki offers real seafood dishes from local fishermen; you simply can’t afford to miss them.


Makutano Centre

Makutano sells Tanzanian arts & crafts and hosts annual fairs and exhibitions. Here, you will also find the magnificent Black Tomato Cafe that offers sandwiches and breakfast buffets.

Wonder Workshop

At this great workshop, handicapped artists produce state-of-the-art sculptures, stationery, and candles, among other crafts. A visit is a must for every traveler and a memorable experience back home.

Mwenge Carvers’ Market

This market is located near the Village Museum and is flooded with dealers and you can see carvers in action.

A Novel Idea

This place features the Shopper Plaza and Dar Es Salam’s finest bookstores, with modern fiction, classic, travel guides, African fiction, atlases and many more.

Tingatinga Centre

This is one of the best places to purchase great paintings and see the artists in action.

Nyumba ya Sanaa

This Tanzanian cooperative offers affordable crafts and textiles. It is located near the US embassy and the Oyster Bay police post.

Where to Have Fun

Mwera Nightclub

If you are in search of a true African nightlife experience, go to this disco. It is a basic deck cooled by a propeller fan to avoid overheating.

La Liga Night Club

This is the most popular nightspot in Moshi. Parties are normally held each day of the week except Monday.


This is an outdoor patio with reggae parties and live music. There are many volunteers from the world over. The terrace is open each day and it is particularly full during the weekends.

Pub Alberto

This is a nightspot located in Moshi. Here, you get a chance to interact with social locals and enjoy late night dishes.


This is a pub that you can visit and interact with new friends. The bar features a patio with sitting areas both inside and outside.

Peter’s Club

This is an excellent pub where locals meet with foreigners and discuss pertinent issues. There is enjoyable music and beer is reasonably priced.

How to Get Around


Walking around the CBD is a great way to discover Dar es Salaam and possibly the finest way to get out.


Cycling within Dar is quite difficult because it is a high traffic area. Therefore, you need to know put on a helmet and perfect your cycling skills.


You can hire a car if you are over 23. You should drive on the left, although on poor roads, it is common to driver around the road in order to avoid potholes.


Two railways cut across the country and provide up to four services each week. If you decide to travel by train, make sure you choose first class and ensure your door is locked to avoid losing your valuable possessions.


If you are operating on a strict budget, travelling by bus can be a great way to get around. Huge buses move around the country and serve all the major towns. Always take care near the bus stations to avoid losing your possessions.

By BodaBoda, TukTuk and Taxi

Taxis are commonly found on the street and near road junctions. TukTuks come in handy when you need to move over shooter distances, especially along the beach resorts. BodaBodas are an affordable and enjoyable way to cover short distances. Be sure to negotiate the price before embarking on the journey.


The most popular mode of transport in Tanzania are minivans that are locally known as daladala. These vehicles usually play a given route with the beginning and finishing point well marked on the vans.

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