Traveling to Sweden is an opportunity of a life time. It is one of the largest countries in Western Europe and has many attractions for tourists. The capital is Stockholm and quite modern with beautiful architecture and lovely weather. Swedish is the main language spoken in Sweden even though there are other people who talk in different languages such as Sami, Finnish and Yiddish. However, most people in Sweden can talk in English so tourists do not have a problem getting around.

Sweden has four different climate and they are quite distinct. Many tourists like travelling to Sweden during the summer when it is warm and there are many outdoor activities. Something that is interesting about the country is that the sun rises as early as three thirty in the morning during the summer. This means a lot of daylight and more time to see and enjoy Sweden.

Another interesting thing about Sweden is that people below the age of twenty are not allowed to buy alcohol in stores. However, in bars and night clubs, you can be served alcohol as long as you are eighteen years and older.

Sweden has many attractions among them being the museums. The City Museum of Stockholm is a place where you can see some of the country’s best art pieces. The Museum of Science and Technology is an excellent destination for people who have an interest in science and features some of the latest innovations.

Major Attractions


Stockholm: the city itself offers one of the major attractions in Sweden through its architecture and modernity. People in Stockholm are quite trendy and you are bound to feast your eyes on some of the world’s cutting edge fashion.

Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago: this consists of over thirty thousand islands, skerries and islets. Not all of them are inhabited but around a thousand are occupied. Visiting this archipelago is one of the best activities you can enjoy when in Sweden. You can go on excursions on the islands and enjoy gourmet food during the boat trips.


Icehotel: this is a hotel made entirely of ice and snow. You can catch it during the winter period between November and May. Their hotel offers accommodation for tourists so you can stay here for a night and have a different hotel experience.

Where to Eat

Restaurant Frantzen: this is highly ranked as one of the top fifty best restaurants in the whole world. The chefs who cook here are some of the most famous and professional ones. Therefore, you should be sure to reserve a seat for a meal at the restaurant and enjoy gourmet food. Apart from the food, Frantzen: is also known for its exquisite selection of wines. Some of these wines are unique to the restaurant so you will not find them anywhere else.

Abyssinia: this restaurant serves international Ethiopian food in a traditional setting. There are different dining options available and you are sure to find a meal for you even if you are vegetarian. Here you can also enjoy the world famous Ethiopian coffee which is quite popular with coffee lovers.

Elverket: if you want to enjoy brunch on Sunday after a night out, then this is the best place to be. They serve Swedish delicacies and other international cuisines.

Café Saturnus: this is a pastry haven. You can enjoy baguettes, creamy coffee, pastries and other foods for your sweet tooth.

Hermitage: this is a place where vegetarians will love to dine at. The best thing about this restaurant is that people who love meats are also sure to enjoy the dishes. You can decide to get a food platter with a bit of everything so that you do not miss out on any of the delicacies.

Pelikan: this is a restaurant that not only serves good food but also has excellent architecture. There are high ceilings that make the dining area look elegant. The waiters are always friendly and ready to serve. The menu has a variety of dishes and drinks for guests.


Museum shops: these are some of the best places to shop when you are traveling to Sweden. These are places where you are bound to get unique gifts that will please the people back home. The items for sale will depend on the museum you are visiting. Therefore, you need to sample different museums and browse through the items available.

Fotografiska: this is an excellent place to buy posters or cards to send back to your loved one at home. You can also get souvenirs for yourself to remind you of your trip to Sweden.

Pub: this is one of the oldest department stores in Stockholm and is believed to have started in the nineteenth century. Never the less, it has been renovated over the years and is now modern. Here you can buy clothes, household objects for your interiors.

Ahlens: this is another department store that you can visit when in Sweden. It sells everything you can think off and you are bound to get something interesting to buy.

Boutiques: take home some of Sweden’s fashion by buying clothes from the many boutiques. These boutique shops offer a variety of clothing items, shoes and bags as well.

Flea markets: Sweden has many flea markets where you can buy excellent items at low prices.

Where to Have Fun

Café opera Sweden: this is one of the largest night clubs in Sweden. The disc jockeys playing here are quite famous and you are bound to meet people from all walks of life here. They serve a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

Norra Bantorget

Norra Bantorget: this is a place where you can go when you want a relaxing night of oldies music.

Stampen: this is the best place to go for music entertainment. Some of the best performing artists in Sweden perform here.

Swimming: you can enjoy a swim with the family at the Rålambshov Park Beach. This is the best place to get some sun and enjoy the lovely weather.

Golfing: you can enjoy a game of golf on some of the best courses in Europe.

Excursion: enjoy long walks on the streets of Stockholm or the surrounding countries.

How to Get Around

Getting around in Sweden is quite easy since there are different forms of transport such as a metro, tram and a bus for getting around the city. If you want to go out of the city, you can use the train. The country has well designed airports that are useful for people who want to fly when traveling to Sweden.

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