Slovenia is a small nation located in the southern central Europe exactly at the meeting point of European trade and cultural routes. Some of its neighboring countries are, Italy heading west, Austria heading north, Croatia heading and Hungary on their northeast. This beautiful country covers an area of 20,273 square kilometers and has a population of about two million people. In this state, most of the people are Slovene speaking. It should be however noted that it is not a one language speaking nation. Foreign languages are common here with the younger generation being well vast in English while their seniors can speak Italian and German fluently.

Major Attractions


It is not only the capital city, but also the home of various places you will have to consider visiting. The Modern Art Gallery, the National Museum together with the National Gallery are some of the easily accessible sites available in the city. After checking out on those, you will also find it exciting to visit the Ljubljana Cathedral which contains amazing frescoes.

The Postojna Cave

It stretches to about 5 kilometers of well guided passage. It offers you a chance to witness the stalagmites and stalactites with their beautified colors and shapes. What will excite you more is riding on an electric train together with the proteus anguinis; the most known human fish.


A very old seaport which is also called the Slovenia’s coastal jewel, that is famous for its Venetian architecture designed in medieval patterns. You will find it enjoyable to taste delicious seafood provided by the waterfront restaurants. You can also take a dip in the refreshing waters of Adriatic. You will be able to experience the beautifulness of the country at the port of Kopa. In it, there are many ancient structures which include the Town Tower, the Loggia, Praetor’s palace and the 15th century cathedral.

Sevica Waterfall

It is the most popular in the whole nation. It runs for about 40 meters and drops as deep as 55 meters .You will also have a chance to participate in horsemanship at the Kranjska Gora with activities like cycling and fishing also available. Another major tourist place found here is the Lake Bled, mostly known for its neo-gothic Parish church and the exotic Bled Castle. Additionally, it has thermal springs and casinos for you to explore.

The Triglav National Park

It is the only national park Slovenia boasts of. It stands on an area estimated to be 84000 hectares and has some of the most spectacular views. For that, many call it the Land of Paradise.
A visit to all these destinations will fill in the gaps intentionally left out by this article. For your information, most of it is best seen than described. After looking at that, it is vital to check out on some of the dishes you must expect in the country.

Where to Eat

There are numerous hotels and restaurants for one to choose from the official and most popular ones are the following:

Cantina Mexican

It is a cool place where most people prefer because of the colorfully designed umbrellas in the setting. Located closely to the Preseren square, this place seeks to provide that desired Mexican feeling in the capital.

Hot Horse

It is most popular for horse meat. It has several branches including Tivoli Park which is the main place while others are located on Miklosiceva and trubarjeva streets.

Gostlina Pri Planincu

Found at Lake Bled, this place offers delicious dishes for tourists coming to the region. You can make an order any type of meal to be prepared as you head to the lake.

Joe Penas Cantina Y Bar

Provides a good variety of Mexican recipes mixed with portions of foreign food for its visitors. It will surely amaze you with the pleasant tables and the friendly staff.

Kavarna Zvezda

It is the best place in the capital where you can easily find cakes, ice creams and tasty sweets. It offers fresh tastes while at the same time offers a chance to try out new staffs you find anywhere in the city.


One can sit outside facing Lake Bohinj and blueberry pancakes together with other main dishes found on the menu.


There are various shopping places where you can get everything you need from morning to midnight. When in the capital city, Ljubljana, one can easily get to the big shopping malls and markets in the country. Some of them include:

The Fruit and Vegetable Market

Found at the Vodnik square which is located to the east of the St. Nicholas cathedral. It is a place where you will easily find nearly all types of fruits and vegetables.

The Central Market

Where you one is able to find nearly everything for picnics. You stop there and get the necessary things you require. Found centrally in the capital.

Piran Shopping Points

It is a town that has places of which other countries can always dream of.

Mercator Supermarkets

An international retailer with the smaller malls and local stores in the city.

The Euospin

It is a French owned facility that offers most of foreign and locally available goods.

Where to Have Fun

Most people want to have fun on their trips apart from just enjoying beautiful attractions. Here are some of the places you should look for ranging from to nightclubs pubs.


It is a very famous club in the capital that offers bumpy music. It also has sections for strip dancing and teasing and affordable cost.

The Casino

Located in Portoroz, as a section of the Grand Hotel Metropol, this place will burn you out to full enjoyment.


This place offers will destroy to your own limits. It provides for Gay nights, techno music together with affordable alcohol.


It offers a unique sport named the Cat which is mostly played during the day. As the sun goes down, the place culminates in to a cocktail bar.


It is the only pub where you can find a pulse past 10pm. You can bet that the Djs and pretty girls will make you pop up to excitement.

How to Get Around

The means you are going to use will highly depend on how far it is from your home. One can use a car, train, bus or fly to the country. When traveling just inside the state, a car will be very helpful especially if your intention is to leave no stone unturned. There are many taxi services that you can utilize to achieve this.

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