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Shandong is situated in the Eastern part of China on the lower reaches of the Yellow River. The area is blessed with beautiful landscapes. The province’ capita is Jinan and covers a total area of 157 100 square kilometers. It has a population of about 96, 800,000 people. The ethnic composition in the province is mainly the Han tribe while the Hui are minorities. Here, we are going to look at the province’ shopping, major attractions, where to eat, transportation, entertainment, nightlife and many other things.

Major Attractions

Liugong Island

It is a small Island located on the north eastern edge of Shandong Peninsula. The island enjoys a reputation of a fairy isle on the sea because of its pleasant climate and natural beauty. The place is known as the birth place of China’s first modern navy.

Mount Laoshan

It is a mountain known for its oddly shaped rocks, ancient trees and clear springs. It has long held the status as China’s most famous mountain facing the sea. Its highest peak rises to 1133 meters above sea level.

Baotu Spring

The spring is located in Jinan City. The spring pool is fed by underground limestone through three outlets. The spring water which is clear and transparent is ideal for drinking water.

Penglai Pavilion

It is a two story wooden pavilion with a double-eave roof. Inside the pavilion are inscriptions from ancient poets and calligraphers. The scenic area of the Pavilion is a complex of ancient buildings, palaces and temples.

Mount Taishan

The mountain is one of historical and cultural significance. Its main peak rises to 1545 meters above sea levels. The mountain became a sacred place frequented by emperors so as to offer sacrifices and meditate over 1000 years before the Christian era.

Changdao Islands

The island consists of a chain of 32 islands. It is the only Geo Park in China and has been recognized as one of China’s most beautiful Island groups.

Where to Eat

Ristorante San Marco Italiano Doc

Here, you get the best Italian food. The prices are quite affordable and fair and the atmosphere is excellent.

Din Tai Fung

The food here is expensive but nice. You can find Chinese cuisines and the services offered are of high standards.

Hai Di Lao

The restaurant is a very good choice for tourists. The food is sweet and excellent and the atmosphere is fantastic

Canvas café and Restaurant

The atmosphere here is nice and the food is decent. It can be rated as one of the best Western restaurant.

Korona Grill House

The restaurant offers great western food. The prices are affordable and the atmosphere is wonderful.

1931 Bar and Restaurant

It is well known for its romantic colonial Shanghai setting. The food is very classy and tasty. Visit the restaurant today and have a wonderful eating experience.


Luokou Clothes Market

The market is located in the area between the north of Xiaoqinghe and the south of the tieluqiao. It offers services for clothing processes, distribution and other related services.

Renmin Shopping Center

It is a large retail enterprise of Shandong province. It is located in the most prosperous city center. The shopping center offers a variety of goods and services.

Silver Plaza

Silver plaza covers an area of more than 30 000 square meters. It is a famous retailing department store. Here, you can buy various brand goods like watches, shoes, glasses, clothes and so on.

Quancheng Square

The shopping center deals with mainly cheap clothes. The clothes here are ordinary but very fashionable.

Saibo Digital Product Square

The shopping center deals in mainly electronics. Things like cameras, computers and DVDs are available here. You can also buy the elements of these digital products here. If you fancy buying Chinese electronics then this is the place to shop.

Jinan Yingxiongshan Cultural Market

The market deals with mainly books. There are a variety of books especially student books. Other commodities are also available in the market. You can try out the books if you’re interested in learning the Chinese language.

Where to Have Fun

Club New York

This is the perfect place to enjoy nightlife in Shandong. Though the drinks are overpriced, the place still overflows with revelers and fans when matches are going on. There’s a cover band in most nights between 9pm and 1 am.

Broadway Cinemas

Here, you will find Hollywood blockbusters on the 3rd floor of Marina City shopping mall in the CBD. You get to pay half prices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Qingdao Grand Theatre

The theatre is well known for the acts that take place there. The arts center puts together world class theatre, music, dance, comedy and kiddies acts on its three stages

Fei Le Bar

One of the bar’s main features is the use of old things. The opening time is from 7 pm to 1 am. At around 8.3o pm performances take place in the bar.

Canbbean Bar

The bar is one with exotic style. Entering the hall, you will feel the classiness of the bar. The accouterments on the wall hold the style of Western America. Here, you can find beer, cocktail and Ice Cream.

Zang Ku Bar

The bar has a lot of originality that offers a sense of belonging. You can find beer such as Hansa Beer and Haerbin Beer. The opening time is 7 pm to 11 pm.

How to Get Around

Transport in Shandong province is well organized and very efficient. Here are some of the ways through which you can get around Shandong.


There are flight connections with almost all the major cities connecting with Shandong.


The railway system in the province is made up of over a dozen railways connected to almost all tourist destinations in Shandong. It is convenient to travel by train from all major cities in China to Shandong.


The region boasts of one of the best provincial level highway systems in China. The highway system consists of a reasonable number of express ways.

In a nutshell, Shandong is a wonderful place for tourists to visit. The people there are excellent, the food is pleasant and the attractions are quite enticing. Visit the province today and get to have a once in a lifetime experience.

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