Saguenay is a boundless domain of wild, outwardly dazzling painted scenes featuring extensive lakes, winding streams, towering mountains and a fjord cut out of a chilly valley. Placed in the middle of the area and simply north of Quebec City, Saguenay features such attractions as the enormous Lake Saint-Jean (revolved around by the prominent Véloroute des Bleuets or Blueberry Cycling Route) and the Valin Mountains, a prevalent spot for an assortment of outside exercises. The spellbinding Saguenay Fjord, with its sharp bluffs and inclining valley, is scattered with beautiful towns reminiscent of rustic France. This common excellence creates interminable recreational open doors for the outside devotee, including trekking, cruising, horseback riding and cycling in the Spring and snowmobiling, ice angling, pooch sledding and snowshoeing in the winter. The Saguenay Region is likewise a prominent summer retreat territory for Québécois looking to escape the hurrying around of the huge city.

Major Attractions


Consistently between the end of July and October several whales gather where the Saguenay streams into the St. Lawrence. The effect is a special exhibition – and an unmatched open door to watch these sublime creatures close by other people from on board one of the “whale-viewing” watercrafts from Baie Ste-Catherine, Tadoussac or Rivière-du-Loup. Upwards of ten separate types of whale have been recognized around those which assemble here, including the gigantic blade whales and white whales.

Musée du Saguenay

Around Chicoutimi’s attractions is the Musée du Saguenay-Lac St-Jean in the Cultural Center. There are far reaching ethnological and archeological presentations of Indian antiquities, and so forth and a gathering of promptly twentieth c. furniture.

Musee du Fjord

Principally a mechanical town, La Baie in any case gloats the Musée du Fjord with beneficial accumulations of ethnography and provincial symbolization treasures.

The gathering highlights the social and regular history of the fjord of Saguenay. Guests can look into the environment of the fjord and in addition the individuals who have helped the historical backdrop of this zone.

Parc national du Saguenay

Parc national du Saguenay comprises of three segments: Baie-Éternité, Baie-du-Moulin-à-Baude and Baie-Sainte-Marguerite. Guests will discover lodges, hovels, and campgrounds inside the recreation center. The Parc national du Saguenay is known for its delightful fjord, shorelines, and beachfront scene.


North of Roberval on the lakeshore, one of the territory’s best-sorted out native towns is home to the Musée Amérindien de Mashteuiatsh , featuring great displays on the zone’s Pekuakamiulnuatsh bunch.

Petite Chapelle

Implicit 1747 by the Jesuits, Petite Chapelle is one of North America’s most seasoned wooden chapels. Otherwise called the Indian Chapel, it holds a little show on evangelist life.

Where to Eat

Joint Bohème

The town’s home base of decision is a prime spot for a breakfast of foods grown from the ground or a panino, or simply to taste reasonable exchange espresso around the nearby scholarly people. Later in the day, pick between dishes, for example, duck confit mixed greens and new pasta of the day.

Restaurant Le Bateau

A great perspective accompanies the smorgasbord of conventional Québec specialists’ passage at this amicable restaurant. Here, you can eat meat pie, blueberry, vinegar or sugar pie.

Bistro de L’anse

This is a neighborhood center point where you can get unrecorded music on Saturday nights and tuck into sandwiches, mixed greens and pasta on the veranda.

La Galouine

Entered by a pixie light-secured overhang over a natural market, this is an entire nourishment spot consumed an indent. Dishes, for example, fish goulash are satisfyingly hearty, however the costs are a bit soak.


Regardless of its truck-stop-like appearance and connected line of non specific motel rooms, Chantmartin is a great, quick prevent for everything from poutine and pizza to crab, prawns and meal chicken.

Chez Mathilde

The stellar cook at this charming little house uses a lot of neighborhood handle in his creative, however constrained, menu. The inventive dishes, cooked to flawlessness, are served up close by a perspective of the port from a vaporous yard.

Where to Go Shopping

Place du Royaume

The biggest strip mall in Eastern Quebec, Place du Royaume houses a large number of boutiques, administrations and stores of different kinds. It incorporates a film theater, superstores and a few restaurants.

Galeries Jonquière

This strip mall has about 30 boutiques, including a store and a superstore. A couple of restaurants might be found in the little sustenance court.

Faubourg Sagamie

Right by Highway 70, Faubourg Sagamie incorporates a lodging, store, restaurants and roughly 50 boutiques.

Place du Saguenay

Effectively open and inviting, Place du Saguenay offers a few boutiques, restaurants, superstores and administrations (monetary organizations, drug store).

Spot Center-Ville Jonquière

Spotted amidst the downtown, Place Center-Ville Jonquière has a grocery store, stores, restaurants and 30 or somewhere in the vicinity boutiques.

Galeries de La Baie

Spotted in the La Baie locale, simply a short stroll from downtown, this mall is home to a grocery store, boutiques and strength stores.

Where to Have Fun

Le Crapaud Bar

A contemporary parlor space, moving and DJ-facilitated occasions are simply a couple of the signs of this vibrant nightlife venue, which is opened Wednesday through Saturday and hosts a cluster of themed and extraordinary occasions.

Bar Terrasse

Bar Terrasse La Jungle is a nearby club. Delight in music, moving and the completely loaded bar.

Bar Le Pub

Spotted in the heart of Chicoutimi’s clamoring Racine road east, this club offers DJ-facilitated move gatherings, themed occasions and a menu of pub-style snacks.

Bar le Bao

Opened for beverages and moving Thursday through Saturday, this club features DJ-facilitated gatherings, drink advancements and a show of themed occasions, including Halloween bashes.

Bar @ Pitons

This bar offers a cool environment to delight in music and amusement as you drink. The vast majority of the revelers here are adult.

Croisière Personnalisée Saguenay

One of a few voyage administrators, this offers to 1 to 4 hour travel in a 7-man speedboat, covering the fjord and beluga whales.

How to Get Around

A car will be required to drive around the area. Some places in the area have bus systems, but most of them don’t. The town has a public transport system that offers a variety of transport services such as regular public transport, charter coach services, specialized transport for the disabled and special events transport.

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