Plymouth England is a city located in the Southwestern of England. The city is located on the Plymouth sound. It is bordered by the Plym and Tamar rivers in a fascinating way making it a tourist attraction. According to the 2011 population estimates, Plymouth had a population of approximately 350,000 mostly English and few Indians. The city receives around 12 million tourists annually who find interest in its spectacular landscape and rich museums. The city is also known to be home to the world’s most impressive natural harbors at the shore of Tamar and Pylm. In Plymouth, the drinking age is 18 years while some pubs restrict attendance to people of the ages above 21 years. When in Plymouth, do not worry about the toilets and other sanitary amenities, the people of Plymouth give tourists the best facilities and have cleanest amenities. You should visit the following places when in the city to fully experience it.

Major Attractions


Plymouth has a number of museums that should be visited when in the city. Visit the Plymouth city museum and art gallery to discover Plymouth. Other historical sites such as the royal Citadel, Plymouth dome, Plymouth synagogue, and the Smeaton’s tower carry rich history.

The National Marine Aquarium

Plymouth is home to Europe’s deepest aquarium. The aquarium is strategically located close to the Barbican area where you can see Britain’s oldest bakery and Mayflower steps that is known for the Pilgrim Fathers walk for the New World.

The Royal William Yard

You should visit the royal William yard. The yard is home to the largest naval base in Western Europe. If you happen to be around during the naval days, ensure you visit the place.

The Mayflower Steps

One cannot visit Plymouth without having an actual visit of this site. The Mayflower site is the landmark of Plymouth. The feature built to commemorate the Pilgrim Fathers is the most visited spot in Plymouth.

Boat Tour

Plymouth is known for having scenic natural harbors. A visit to Plymouth is fully enjoyed through a boat tour. Within the waters, a new view of the city is conceived. Most of the boats will leave from Barbican on the Mayflower for a trip lasting between one and three hours.

The Barbican

The Barbican is the cradle of Plymouth. The area has a lot of galleries, restaurants, shops, and holiday homes that can be visited. Living around the Barbican will give you true feel of ancient Plymouth.

Where to Eat

Tanners Restaurant

Tanners Restaurants is for the rich. If you feel you have enough to spend for quality food, visits Tanners restaurant for dinner and lunch

Veggie Perrins

If you are hungry and around Mayflower Street, visit Veggie Perrins opposite the lower end of Amanda center. The restaurant closes at 10 pm and sells vegetarian foods. Have their samosas and dal for an exceptional taste.

Lantern restaurant

The restaurant is located within Conrwall Street at the city center. The restaurant is accessible and offers quality service.

Café India

When in Stoke village visit the restaurant for Indian delicacies. Do not be creative with the choice of food. Inquire on the food before ordering.

Restauracja Rycerska

To enjoy affordable polish delicacies, visit 111 Mayflower Street between 10 am and 6 pm. The restaurant offers polish traditional food and English breakfast.

Unions Room

The place is Wetherspoons that is located within the center of the city. At the restaurant, you can access budget foods and beet. Beer and bugger are common in the restaurant.



If you are within the city center and you would like to shop, Debenhams is the place to be. From the shopping center, you can access a variety of goods that will serve your needs.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser is an old shopping shop that offers a variety of products and service for the shoppers. House of Fraser is also within the city center.


Derry’s is every tourist shopping spot. For a variety of local and international brands, visit the shop.

Drake’s Circus

Drake’s Circus is a modern building that is based on the 1980s style. The building has been converted into a shopping center. Visit Drake’s Circus for an exquisite shopping.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is known to be the real supermarket. You will find anything under the roof of Marks and Spencer in Plymouth.


Fashion enthusiasts who are focused on the fashion trends should visit Zara when in Plymouth. The known fashion house is located within Plymouth city.

Where to Have Fun


Visit the dolphin within Plymouth Barbican to enjoy bass that is perfectly kept. Drink beer that is drawn directly from the barrel in the traditional drinkers’ pub.

Millbridge Inn

To enjoy live music on Fridays and Saturdays nights, visit Millbridge and you will not be disappointed.

The China House

The house offer a great view of the harbor as you enjoy your favorite drink. If you like serene environment, this is the place to be.

The Lord Louis

The spot is located within Plymton. The house is a suburban streak house that offer full entertainment.

Voodoo Lounge

The Lounge meets its name in character and ambience. The lounge is located within the city. The lounge offers a variety of music from rock to punk. Other events such as open mic and quiz nights are usually organized in the lounge.

The White Rabbit

If you want a place, where you can enjoy yourself and get a place to sleep as well. The white rabbit is the place to be. The place hosts a number of bands and various genre of music including hip-hop. It also has accommodation.

How to Get Around

The common way of moving around Plymouth is through car. By driving a rented car or using a Taxi you can access a number of places within the city. The boat has a strategic path that enables access to scenic views of the city. The boat is also a tourist attraction. You can also use the metro and tram to move around the city. The city has an elaborate transport system with clear directions. Travel to Plymouth England and experience Europe in all ages.

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