Perm, Russia

Perm is a city in Russia that is located at the banks of kama river which is situated along the European part of Russia and is near the Ural mountains. The city was previously named Molotov from the periods of 1940-1957. Perm city covers a geographical area of 799.7km2 and has a population of 991,162 people.

Major Attractions

The Stunning Blue Art Nouveau House

This is an old building that houses some of the best art work that you can ever see in the world. The building itself is an old architectural masterpiece that clearly shows how the Russian people were good in building design. The gates and fence are very attractive and are made from old materials which have survived many years due to their high quality and proper maintenance.

The Old Fire Station

This is an architectural masterpiece that is very attractive. The fire station is still in operation and building dates back to the 17th and 18th century. Its old architecture is very spectacular and it is a very nice place to tour and see how the Russians built their buildings during the 17th century.

The Museum of Icons

This is located inside the former monastery-church. It is a very beautiful building that houses some of the pictures and tools that were used during the Second World War.

The Monument for the Victims of WW2

This monument is very big and has a lot of significance in perm and the whole of Russia. It is situated at the center park that is located at the heart of Perm. The monument symbolizes the victory of the Russians over the German Nazis.

The Great Mosque of Perm

This is a religious tourist attraction site that is located at the center of perm city. It is one of the largest mosques in Russia and can hold many people at a time. The building is spectacular and its architectural details are amazing.


This is a historical monument that is at the center of Perm. It is a great feature and takes you back to the golden old days of Russia. Pictures can be taken at this place and it is very accessible.

Where to Eat


This is an excellent place that offers Ukrainian cuisine.


Karin is spectacular and is one of the best places to dine in Perm. The restaurant offers international cuisines and has a very attractive and warm ambience.


Located in perm the restaurant offers spectacular services and has great waiters. It offers Japanese cuisine that is very delicious.


This restaurant offers Greek cuisine and is very nice to dine at. The staff is amazing and the place is very quiet.


This is the best place for meat lovers. Has spectacular ambience and is very clean. It also offers German cuisine.

Grill Tavern Montenegro

This is a nice and cozy restaurant that offers a variety of foods and drinks but mostly specializes in European cuisine.


Shopping in Russia is not characterized by huge western and international brand names. Most people prefer to shop at the central market. However, some of shopping spots in Russia include the following:

Gostiniy Dvor

The mall is located along central Komsomolsky Avenue, which is still under construction. The mall offers modern jewelry, entertainment shops and high end clothing brands.


This is located at Revolution Street and is open from 10am till midnight. The mall offers children goods and toys and has many cafeterias. It is a beautiful mall that offers a variety of goods that cater for children’s needs.


This store is located along Popova Street, 16. Iceberg is always open from 10am to 9pm. The mall offers modern brands, cosmetics, computer and digital devices and other technology devices that are currently in the market. The shopping center houses more than sixty stores that occupy five floors.


The store is located along Parkovy Avenue, 17 and is always open from 10am till 9pm. The store offers huge discounts on different goods like clothes and shoes. Some electronic machines can also be found here at great discounts.

The Central Street Shopping Kiosks

The central street in perm has many kiosks that display a variety of goods by traders which include souvenirs and bright tatar jewelry.

The Central Komsomolsky Avenue Shops and Stalls

These stalls along the central Komsomolsky Avenue Street are filled with luxurious goods with top brands that like Lacoste, Givenchy, In city and Tom Taylor.

Where to Have Fun

Karaoke Hall, Karaoke Klub

This club offers good music and regular karaoke singing competitions. Its address is Ulitsa Gazety Zvezda, 5, Perm. The club is open from 6pm to 6am.

Adam and Eva, Nochnoy Klub

This club operates from 11am to 6am. It offers a variety of drinks and good music.

City cats, Muzhskoy Klub

The clubs address is 23, Perm, Perm Krai, Russia, 614000. This is where you will experience good music and variety of drinks mostly vodka.

Kuba, Nochoy Klub

The address to this club is Vetluzhskaya ulitsa, 58, Perm, Perm Krai, Russia, 614067. The club is very spectacular with good music and drinks.


The clubs address is Ulitsa Gazety Zvezda, 5, Perm, Russia, 614000.

Karaoke Blinnaya

The address s to tis club is Ulitsa Mira, Perm, Perm Krai, it is open from 9am to 11pm.

How to Get Around


Trains are booked in advance and tickets given. Always ensure that you get your destination right and purchase your ticket.


They are in plenty and are very convenient to move around perm while on tour


Trams are practically everywhere and they are very convenient to move around. Buses are also available and can offer great services.


Getting to perm will require you to take a plane which will land you at Bolshoe Savino International Airport whereby you will be able to continue movement by train or taxis.

Perm City in Russia is a very calm city with friendly people who will always make you feel at home. The city has many tourist attraction sites and nice places for accommodation and entertainment. The city is highly recommended for any tourist who wants to have a good time while on tour.

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