Novokuznetsk, Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country. Travelers who seek to visit the country never lack where to go and they are always spoilt for choice because there are a lot of places to visit. Novokuznetsk is a city in Russia and is well-known for the history and culture. The population in this city is roughly 500,000 as per the previous population census and the ethnicity of the people is just Russian speakers. The legal drinking age for people living in this area is 16 years old, but you usually find minors getting drunk and this is very illegal. In case this happens the officer only end up arresting the vendors who sell these drinks to the minors this helps them become responsible and in the event a minor wants to take a drink they have to produce some identification first. They are very strict with underage drinking and they make sure that it is controlled no matter how hard it is. The toilets in the city are very clean and they are well-maintained. It is hard to find toilets that are not well kept but it is because the local authorities ensure that they are sparkling and that the workers do their jobs. It is a city that attracts quite a significant number of tourists and so should always be kept clean including the amenities.

Major Attractions

Transfiguration Church

It is an ancient building with barracks and plants all over and it attracts a lot of visitors both local and abroad.

Fortress Kuznetsk

It has a panoramic view especially during the summer when numerous holidays are organized. It is a sight for sore eyes and you will enjoy the view with the family.

Siberian Taiga

You will experience the best hiking and walking experience here and it will leave you impressed. There is also kayaking and mountain climbing.

Puppet Theater

You will have a good time here and you will enjoy the show together with your family.

Drama Theater

Exciting acts are performed here and they will give you quality entertainment and you will get to learn about some cultures as well.


The famous museum is what attracts a lot of visitors and you will be informed about the city’s rich culture and history.

Where to Eat

SFC Express

This restaurant offers English style food and it is also a fast food joint, but a joint that attracts a lot of customers and are well known for their fries which are really tasty.


They make the best fresh salad and chicken sandwich. It is also a fast food restaurant and one of the best around.


Offers the best international and local delicacies and they are really worth tasting because the customers always find their way back.


Offers the best sea food meal and they come in large quantities just for their customers.


You can dine here and get a feeling of the restaurant and the quality meals it offers. The soothing music will leave you calm and relax.


Well known for their local cuisine and the best wine from the most famous wine cellar.


Metallurgov Prospect

They sell the best local craft and jewelry and at affordable prices.


A shopping center that sells a variety of items for both genders and at affordable prices.


The mall attracts quite a number of visitors and they always buy quality clothes and accessories.

Note Shop

They sell vintage clothes and they offer discounts on them as well as long as you buy them on wholesale.

Timeless Shop

This is one of the few shops that sell timeless wears and they offer them at pocket friendly prices. They are of good quality and are the best.

Lounge Shop

They sell quality furniture in case you may be in need of quality furniture and they make sure they sell to you at very affordable prices.

Where to Have Fun

Helicon Jazz Club

This is a place where they play high quality jazz and you will be impressed at how fun and relaxed you will feel. They even hold jazz concerts here.

Disco Bar

To enjoy real night life this is the place to visit. They offer the best music, you can have food as well and you can have quality wine.


This is a place you can have fun because you will get to see all the famous historic artifacts and you can take pictures and save them as mementos.

Intel Club

Offers quality nightlife entertainment and has a restaurant that you can wine and dine as you relax.

Atom Club

All the best acoustic sounds are played here and they help you relax your mind.


It also offers you and your family the chance to have a wonderful time and you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

How to Get Around

The city has different kinds of transport systems and all of them work effectively. Tourists though are usually advised to make their trips around the city by bus because of security reasons. Bus offers more security than the others and it is safer. The transport system though is very reliable. The metro and the buses have their own terminals that they use to pick and drop passengers and they work on schedules as well. All other public transports also are very effective.

The city offers a lot of sights for you to enjoy and have fun while at it. The shopping you will do will be very worth it, how you eat and drink will be enjoyable, having fun will be a guarantee, you will not fail to know what to do, you will get to see all the major attractions and you will get to understand how to travel around the city.

Travelling to Novokuznetsk is a very wonderful and worthy experience. You will not be disappointed, the culture of the people living there is really interesting and you will experience how it feels to live with them. You will also be surprised with how the locals are so hospitable and friendly. The whole city in itself is beautiful and the scenes are an absolute wonder. You and your family will never be disappointed one bit. The major attractions will provide you with mementos to take home with you once you return and you will be able to remember how your trip was.

Jason Peterson

My name is Jason Peterson and I caught the travel bug during my time traveling the world in the Navy. I am super fortunate that my wife and I can now travel together and share our knowledge, hacks and tips with our friends and readers. Never hesitate to reach out with suggestions or questions.

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