Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat is the sixth largest city with a population of 61,180 in Canada. Based in Southeast Alberta in Canada, the city has an abundance of natural gas, coal and clay. The city is also known as Pittsburg of the east and the gas city. Rudyard Kipling, in one of his famous quotes, termed the city as “all hell for a basement” because of the large gas reservoirs of natural gas fields.

The city is on the banks of Saskatchewan river and Trans-Canada Highway number

  1. The town of Radcliffe is adjacent to Medicine Hat and is situated on the northwest of the city. The Cypress Hills and the Cypress interprovincial park are situated nearby and can be accessed by car in a few minutes. The city has its own power generation and gas utility plants, which has contributed in making the Medicine Hat as one of the most economical places to live in Canada.

Major Attractions

Traveling to Medicine Hat is a nice experience as it has got many attractions.

The Esplanade

This is a large multipurpose facility center situated in the downtown area of the city. The Esplanade has a performing arts theatre with a capacity for 700 people. It also has a gift shop, a museum, an art gallery, archives and a café. The Esplanade has hosted a number of performances from a musical event to a comedy show. The artistes from the world over have performed at the Esplanade.

Medicine Hat drag racing association

Medicine Hat is located on Box springs road. This is the only sanctioned NHRA track in Alberta with a 1.4 mile track. The facility hosts a variety of races including bracket racing, jet and alcohol cars. The NHRA national open attracts cars from all over North America. The facility also serves as a place for entertainment and racing for the locals.


This is a wonderful museum to visit, especially if you are interested in the story of commercial clay production in Medicine Hat. There are a number of wonderful displays at the museum with some very interesting ones like the display of great wall of china. The displays have been arranged in a very nice way.

Hidden Valley

If you love skiing than this is the place for you to visit. You can find a good instructor who can organize small classes for skiing. You will find the place very neat and there are numerous lifts, a great sight of snow to enjoy.

Medicine Hat family Leisure Center

It is an indoor multi-purpose facility like a pool, ice rink, water slide, kids pool and cafes. The sporting facilities at the place include soccer pitches, 4 ball diamond, BMX racing and a football field.


The city has a number of Parks like the Police point park, Echodale regional park, Central park and Riverside veteran’s memorial park. The city has over 62 miles of walking trails. All the parks of the city are linked through the trail system.

Where to Eat

Thai Orchid Room

The Thai Orchid Room can be a good choice if you are looking for Thai food. The food is fresh and delicious there. You are especially going to love the coconut rice and curry in this restaurant.

The Zucchini Blossom Market and Café

This restaurant has a very pleasant ambience, you are going to love the pasty here.

Spice Route restaurant and bar

It is an Indian restaurant. If you love spicy food, this is the best place in Medicine Hat. The butter chicken and Naan are great at the restaurant.


The restaurant provides excellent food and service and is great for romantic dinners. The restaurant serves some excellent seafood.

Sushi Miso

Located at Dunmore road in Medicine city, the restaurant has the best sushi in the city.


Sabi restaurant has an excellent décor which has been recently done. The food and service is great at very reasonable prices.

Where to Have Fun

There are great places to shop at Medicine Hat. You can get anything in the city which you can think of from food to fashion, everything is available in the city in some of its great shopping areas.

Medicine Hat Mall

You can shop in this mall if you are looking for good brands. Located at Dunmore road, the mall has a variety of stores. You can find all the great brands here such as Blue Bell and Sears.

South View Centre

It is one of the premium malls in the Medicine Hat. The mall has over 100 retailers including some of the top brands such as Sears. The mall has some great restaurants as well.

Medicine Hat Co-op

It has several stores in the city. It includes food stores and Gas bars.

Giant Tiger

It is located at 114-3201 13 Ave SE in the city. Giant Tiger is one of the largest chain of discount stores. They offer low prices schemes daily.

The Bay

Located on Dunmore road in Medicine Hat, The Bay is the largest store retailer in Canada. They sell fashion and home goods at reasonable prices.

Liquidation World

It is located at 1097 Trans Canada Way. The shop offers everything from a home grocery item to luxury bedroom suites.

Where to Have Fun

There are a number of exciting things to do in Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre

It offers great facilities like diving boards, wave pools, rope swings and water slide. You can have a great family day here.

Shortgrass Library

If you are a book lover,  then this is the right place for you. It has got thousands of books and audio tapes.


It offers a number of activities such as swimming, hiking, Canoeing, archery and a number of other activities. YMCA is located at two places in Medicine city, one in the downtown area and the other is in Southridge.

Galaxy cinema

It is one of the oldest cinema halls in Medicine City. You will have a great movie viewing experience here with comfortable seats and big screens.

Golf Courses

There are a total of 7 golf courses in the city limits of Medicine Hat. So if you love golfing, then you have a number of options.

Parks and running trail

It’s great to be in the parks of Medicine Hat with its scenic beauty. The city has a running trail of over 62 miles, so if you like running, it is a great place for you.

Rossco’s Pub

Rossco Pub is one of the favorite pubs of the residents of Medicine Hat. It serves great chicken wings. The atmosphere is of a busy pub. It has a pool, HD TVs and VLT machines.

The Blue Turtle

Its both a pub and a night club. It has full bars, large scree TVs and pool tables. It has got a hardwood dance floor.

Alabama’s Sports Lounge

Located on Rutherford street, the pub offers sandwiches, pizzas, steaks, chicken wings and drinks.

Garage pub and eatery

It has a unique décor of an antique gas station, the pub has a relaxed atmosphere for a nice time with friends.

Rustler’s Corral

It’s a family operated business and is open on all seven days of the week. Its setting is that of rustic place. There is an attached pub to the restaurant.

Dublin’s Pub

This is a pub and eatery and it is open 7 days a week. It has a pool, dart and banquet facility.

How to Get Around

Traveling to Medicine Hat is easy at is located on the Trans Canada highway. If you want to come by air, then you can fly in the city from Calgary but it is better to use a car or bus to get into the city.

Travelling within the city is not a problem. The Medicine Hat city buses run from 6:45 AM to 10:45 PM on the weekdays. There is a shuttle service available as well. From Calgary, there is a J&L shuttle service, which has daily trips to Medicine Hat.


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