Lithuania is one of the three main estates in the Baltic Region that has coast with white sand dunes and popular holiday resorts. Inland, it has a plain with lakes and forests that rises to the hills in the west and southeast part. Large areas of swamp in this area have been drained to improve and increase the farming and livelihood industry of the people.

Major Attractions

St. Anne’s Church

The Church of St. Anne is located a short distance from the cathedral. It’s definitely the most beautiful church in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Done in complete red brick with a majestic and slender towers, the church is the best example of Gothic architecture in Lithuania. The facade is made up of bricks arranged in 33 different types of delicately arranged stone. The interior is surprisingly modest and simple but richly decorated with baroque and medieval frescoes.

Old Town Kaunas

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and was once the capital. Here, there are very few tourists. The Historical Center is very lively in the evening because Lithuanians like to party. There are lots of young people in the city and also a lot of bikes, shops, and authentic museums.

Palanga Amber Museum

A small and interesting museum that houses a collection of unprocessed amber jewelry on the third floor, as well as on the second floor of the building. The amber jewelries can be bought at the shop at a fair price. Each piece has its own antiquity and story. Outside the shop/museum there is a wonderful park.

Druskininkai Aquapark

The water park offers plenty of aquatic activities to do in one day. The whole family can have fun safely on its well-designed manmade beach with small waves and some fountains. It also has a large selection of saunas and steam bath rooms.

Trakai Castle

The red water castle, the green forest, the deep blue sky and the lake around the attraction are simply an incredible sight. The lake is teeming with water sports (sailing, rowing, etc.). The castle is located on a small island near the town of Trakai. Access is via two picturesque bridges. Today it can be visited and shows all of its partially original furnishings and a small coin collection.

Siauliai Hill of Crosses

The Lithuanian Hill of Crosses is an inspiring work of art. It is a place where people (not only Lithuanians), etc. from all over the world with the establishment of a cross express their faith, their hope, their desires to express the devotion to Christianity.

Where to Eat

Stikliai Restaurant

Located right in the heart of the Old Town and a few minute walk from Cathedral Square or from the door of Dawn, this small hotel and restaurant (44 rooms in total) is a real gem. With friendly and efficient service, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet in a beautiful environment.

Piccola Italia

One of the best places in town that offers unique Italian cuisine. It serves mostly their own style of pizza toppings and pasta creations. They have excellent service and have the best handmade pizza crust and vegetable soup in town.

De Cuba

Located in a nice and lovely city, this restaurant offers the best steak, pizza, wine, and the most sinful but delectable moist chocolate cake as dessert.

Sicilija Restaurant

The price is fairly good and has a rich menu of Baltic inspired dishes. They serve home-made wines, pizzas, and pasta sauces poured over an al dente pasta.

Kybynlar Restaurant

It is the best place to try the locally made pie (kibinas) that is native to the Trakai region. It is home-made pie that is stuffed with spinach and choice of meat and the reason why tourists flock this diner.

Arkos Restaurant

It is a Russian style restaurant that is located in the basement of a building. Their menu consists of local and traditional Baltic dishes and sweets.


T&A Vilnius

It is a unique souvenir shop that highlights the best products made in Lithuania. The shopping center has a wide selection of souvenir items that tourists can bring back home as gifts like; cups, caps, plates, shirts, etc.


This flea market and trading center has lost of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and all the grocery essentials. There is a nice pastry shop here that sells Lithuanian cakes and freshly baked bread. The place also has shops that cater to international sweets and delicacies.

Akropolis Market

The Akropolis is a modern shopping center with ice rink and ingenious country-style restaurant complex. The same shopping center includes a middle-class world famous brand like Salamander, Franco Feruzzi or Pierre Cardin. It is necessary to go to the complex of restaurants and the ice rink.

Senasis Nemunas

The small grocery shop provides the basic goods and authentic Lithuanian food items for every travelers need and to bring as gifts back home.

Gariunai Market

It’s a great market that is partly outdoors but sheltered from the weather. There is a bit ‘of everything, even if the clothes for sale are dated. You can still find nice things on the shelves dedicated to souvenirs. Next to the outdoor areas there is a two-storey building with sales stands and eateries.

Handicrafts Shop Rankdarbis

The shop is full of handmade and artisan handicrafts that are proudly made in Lithuania. It has a diverse collection of gifts to amuse and delight every visitor.

Where to Have Fun


The bar offers the best cocktails and food in the capital city. The site had an original decoration with graffiti on the walls that is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. The waitresses were very nice and they have a huge cocktail menu (over 50 mixes) and the vessels in which the drinks get served are always different and unique. It is the only bar in Vilnius where free “tapas” goes with a drink.

Republic Bar

It is a pub in Kaunas that is open even way after midnight. They have great lively atmosphere, fine wine and beer selections that will entice tourists to have fun until the wee hour of the morning.

Balta Varna Bar

The best party place and a good way to meet the friendly Czechs and Lithuanian people who love the great mix of friendship and booze. Has a good stock of strong wines and good snack or a bowl of soup to pair it with.

One Adventure Park

It has 10 challenging routes with the most varying degrees of complexity. Everyone can enjoy the adventure park, as the saying goes from 5 to 50 years old. Children can have the best time in the route that lasts from one and a half hours. A good place to conquer the fear of heights and nice physical activity for the whole family.

Alaus Namai

The name “Alaus Namai” emblazoned but on two large wooden panels. Inside it is a quaint mixture of ale pub and disco. It has a huge bar with shelves behind it with a variety of beers in bottles and barrels in abundance. Simple tables and chairs made of wood. A large dance floor and small stage.

Splius Adventure Park

The adventure park is filled with obstacles and hiking trails, along with rides and excursion tours for children. Adults can enjoy the various sport activities inside the park.

How to Get Around

Starting from the capital city of Vilnius the most comfortable way to get around Lithuania is by bus from the platform of the designated bus station for every city. Trains, flights, and ferries are also used to help transport tourists to the other parts of the country. A rent a car option is also available for tourists with international driving license.

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