Lingao, Hainan, China

Planning for a trip to Lingao will be a superb idea on holidays! Situated in the north-west of Hainan Island, it borders Danzhou to the south, Chengmai County to the east and the Qiongzhou Strait to the north. This alluring vacation spot covers an area of land area of 1317 square kilometers, 10 towns, 154 urban villages, 733 rural villages, 17 neighborhood committees and two state-owned farms. You will feel like heaven visiting this place; rich in natural land resources, productive soil and abundance of rainfalls add glitters to the beauty of this city. You can have a great time at the 11 natural harbors including Jinpai, Xinying, Tiaolou and Huanglong, at the 71 kilometers coastline. With your family and friends you can have a memorable fishing time at the Hainan Province.

Major Attractions

Magically Romantic Islet Tours

You will fall in love visiting this amazing place. A number of small islands and peninsulas around Hainan Island proffer beautiful scenery and an exotic feel. The West Island, Monkey Island and Sanya’s Wuzhizhou Island will surely add the romance to your life. At Wuzhizhou Island’s you can relax and spend a quality time with your partner and at the West Island enjoy the water-based activities like diving, fishing, glass bottomed boat tours, banana boat rides, motor boating, surfing and much more. At Nanwan Monkey Island you will get a broad smile of your face watching more than 2,500 intelligent macaques living there.

Traditional Li and Miao Minority Attractions

For the history lovers, Hainan’s society brings forth a unique and varied culture for you. Have fun while migrating through the village, museum and stockade. You will greatly enjoy singing, dancing and various sporting activities. The local food and drinks, visit to the mountainous rain forest, the cultural archaeology serve you with ethnic culture and traditions.

Dazhou Island

The nature’s lovers will get an assortment of flora and fauna here at Dazhou Island fascinates the tourists greatly. The scenic view of clear water and striking mountain scenery makes it a wonderful place to visit.

Stone Flower Caves Geological Park

The flooded cave with stunning interior including stalactites, stone flags, stone waterfalls, stalagmites, stone pillars, tongues of stone, curled emery stones, aragonite flowers and single crystal calcite flowers is a must visit place at Lingao. A tour by boat through this cave make you feel at Dragon King’s Palace!

Volcano Park

Go crazy at the volcano park having a history stretching back between 270,000 and 1,000,000 years. A series of volcanic eruptions formed this crater group with the tallest crater of 222.2 meters above sea level and 90 meters deep.

Sun and Moon Bay

Lying to the south on the southern tip of the bay, the half-moon shaped Sun and Moon Bay facing the South China Sea is one of the best places to have some awesome good pictures. Enjoy the rocking climate and temperature of the sea water to the height of the waves and the force of the wind while surfing.

Where to Eat

Lingao Roast Suckling Pig

The crispy skin, tender meat and heavenly scent, Lingao roast suckling pigs is a must have dish. This dish is made from the piglets raised in Lingao’s excellent environment and bred especially for this dish.

Wenquan Goose

The non-vegetarians will be delighted with geese’s distinct characteristics, i.e. rich and plentiful nourishment from its meat which is not greasy at all. Light to taste and a delicious savory flavor is full of iron, calcium, zinc, copper and many other trace elements boost up your immune system.

Coconut Food Products

If you love to have vegetarian food, even the Lingao offers a lot. Food products made from the raw material of the coconut like candy, silk, flowers, sugar sweets, cakes and jam will force you to have some more.

Sanya Seafood

The Dadonghai Coconut Seafood City brings forth yummy seafood city there are some entertainment programs such as dancing. You can taste the delicious seafood and enjoy the local dancing as well.

Hainan Restaurant

If you crave for extra luscious food you must try the most famous dish, the Huangliu duck. You can try it with various seasonings which are a proper blend of ginger, soy, chili and kumquat juice.

Wenchang Chicken

Healthy chicken that feeds on banyan seeds till its nine months old is served hot for you. It has thin yellow skin, gentle white meat and a few soft bones.


Sanya City Duty Free

It is a fusion of international fashion style and local Hainan cultural elements. Famous international watches, fashions, luggage and jewelry are available here.

All Nations Metropolis

Hainan Number One General Market

Mingyu Supermarket

Weijia Supermarket

Wanning Culture Commercial Centre

Where to Have Fun

Hongjiesi Bar

Enjoy the wide range of drinks available here at affordable prices.

Jiqing Suiyue Beer Plaza

The beer lovers will get to taste different types of beer at this stunning place.

Sanya Not Leave without Saying Goodbye Bar

It is an interesting place with an interesting name, so don’t miss a chance to be here.

Blue Dream Bar

Another amazing place that makes your nights rock with dance and drinks.

Jiazhouhong Bar

You will fall in love with Lingao after visiting this unique place where you can drink and dance endlessly.

Left Bank Bar

If you are a music lover, then this is the place to enjoy your drinks with your favorite music.

 How to Get Around

So, if you are planning for a special trip, then nothing can be best then Lingao. You can come here by the Hainan Western Ring High-Speed Railway. The other option is to travel by ship. There are 7 shipping companies in Lingao like Yinghai and Hunshe, with scores of passenger ships and cargo ships for marine transportation from Lingao to other places all over China. Have a wonderful journey!

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