Kansas City

Kansas city happens to be one of the US’s top tourist attractions, and offers a lot of diverse sights and sounds that most tourist will appreciate. This metropolitan city is home to approximately 2.1 million people, which makes it the 29th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America. Kansas city is, for the most part, predominately populated by Caucasians who make up for approximately 59.2% of the area’s total population. When it comes to drinking, Kansas city has a history of been one of the states that has strict legislation on liquor consumption, and the legal drinking age happens to be 21. Kansas city usually experiences tumultuous climatic conditions, and the best time for traveling to Kansas City is around mid-spring or mid-fall when the weather is relatively dry, and conducive to the comprehensive exploration of this amazing city.

Major Attractions

Kansas city offers a horde of amazing and spectacular attractions that are unmatched in this region of the US, which range from striking vistas, attractive parks and gardens, unique architectural treasures, and of course the fabled 200 fountains that have earned it the name “City of fountains”.

National World War I Museum

Kansas city boasts of numerous world class museums that, naturally, attest to the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. These can include the National World War I museum that happens to be currently the only US museum that is devoted to the safeguarding of the history of this war. This museum happens to have the biggest collection of WWI artifacts in the whole western world.

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Tourists can also take time to visit the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, which boasts of a huge collection of varied art exhibits that range from Chinese art, diverse Europeans paintings and even some exquisite 20th century sculptures.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The history loving tourist will undoubtedly appreciate a visit to the Negro leagues Baseball Museum, which is home to rare artifacts that chronicle the rich history and triumphs of the heroes of these worthy leagues.

American Jazz Museum

Music lovers, particularly jazz enthusiasts are not left behind, and the American Jazz Museum, happens to be a legacy to the lives of some of this music genre’s greats such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington among many others.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

On the other hand, the Arabia Steamboat Museum that is situated in the river market area, happens to be solely devoted to this steamboat that capsized in 1856. And was then recovered more than a century later. This museum exhibits some very interesting collection of 19th century artifacts, and all enthusiasts of this period will most definitely be fascinated by all treasures in the offing.

Toy & Miniature Museum

There is also the Toy & Miniature museum, which is devoted to the exhibition of a wide variety of toys, antiquated dolls and dollhouses that can be a veritable feast for the eyes to both the young and the young at heart.

Hodge Park

Hodge Park is among many other attractions offers a once in a lifetime opportunity of watching the indigenous wildlife that have found a home in this park. Or even splendid picnic sites for those that might be inclined to such amusements.

Loose Park

Loose Park features an expansive lake, picnic areas, and of course the widely acclaimed rose garden that is a wonder to behold during the summer season.

Other notable parks in Kansas City include Linda Hall Library Arboretum, Penn Valley Park, Swope Park, or even the Wyandotte County Lake park.

Liberty Memorial Landmark

Kansas city is also home to diverse historical sites that can make for some interesting sight seeing , and some of them include the Liberty Memorial Landmark that pays tribute to the soldiers that fought in WWI.

Home of Thomas Benton

The home of Thomas Benton is a tribute to one of Missouri’s most illustrious artist. And you can glimpse at a selection of some of his original works.

Vietnam Veterans Fountain

There is also the Vietnam Veterans Fountain, which happens to be a monument to the people that lost their lives in this war.

Where to Eat

Kansas city is widely renowned for the its mouthwatering culinary delights, particularly its many steakhouses and of course the famous barbecues. You can also sample amazing meals from the numerous river front restaurants that are situated around the river market area. Or the downtown eateries that offer contemporary cuisine, or better still try out Westport’s high end cafes.

Parisi Café

If you’re looking for great coffee and conversation, Parisi Café has a great selection and their drinks are amazing. The atmosphere is very cool and chic and the macaroons are very good.

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue

As you can tell by the name, this is a barbecue joint, and they have amazing pulled pork and bbq ribs. A must try. Line’s do get long, but it is well worth the wait.


Grinders was featured on the food network and is known for it’s great sandwiches. The philly cheese steak is a recommended item.

Longboards Wraps and Bowls

The food at Longboards is good and the prices are good as well. Servings are fairly large for the price. The atmosphere is very California style and laid back.

Waldo Pizza

Waldo’s is a great place for pizza and wings. The pizza is delicious and they can even cater to gluten free diets.

Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

Fiorella’s is a great barbecue stop. The downtown location is the recommended location and even though there can be a wait at times, it’s well worth it. The baked beans are great.


There is no shortage of shopping opportunities for tourists in Kansas City, and the area is crammed with diverse shopping centers that cater for the needs of tourists. For starters, this city is home to the oldest shopping center in the whole US, the country club plaza, which features more than 200 stores that offer a wide range of products from delightful souvenirs, clothing, unique arts and crafts among many others. The city market is also filled with trendy boutiques, and other related stores. Visitors can also do their shopping at the Crown Center, which happens to be one of Kansas City’s premier shopping malls, or even the breathtaking River Market and Zona Rosa that is located near the airport.

Where to Have Fun

Kansas city offers an exhilarating and breathtaking nightlife for tourists that might be inclined towards nocturnal forays. Some of the most popular bars and pubs include:

Angel’s Rock Bar

Angel’s is two floors, loud, and exciting. If you’re looking for a wild night out with some friends, Angel’s is a great place. It get’s fairly crowded but the go-go dancers make up for it.


Bar 12 is a great sports bar to hang out at. A place where you can chill with your friends or even make new ones. Prices are right and they even have some of their own concoctions like the 12 Gauge.


This is about as good as a neighborhood sports bar gets.  Want to watch a game?  Its on and you will not have a bad view of a TV in the joint.  They might have 60 of them.  Maybe more.  The food there is bar food – but darn good bar food. They also have fun live band on weekends. Kids are allowed until 9.

Dukes on Grand

Dukes is another sports bar and grille with good choice of beers and the sliders are amazing. Located downtown, if there’s no game on tv, the music is great.

Firefly Lounge

Firefly is a martini lounge/club that caters to the young professional who like a chill atmosphere, and overall like to have a good time. Not overpriced, generally no cover, with exceptions on busy nights, and great cocktails and knowledgeable bartenders.

How to Get Around

For the most part, the most effective way to explore Kansas City is by foot, and most of its top attractions are situated close to each other. Tourists without private transportation can opt for the efficient public transportation means that operate in the city such as metro buses, the Kansas City trolley or even convenient taxis.

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