Jiangsu, China

Situated on the east coast of China and north of Shanghai is the province of Jiangsu. The capital of Jiangsu is Nanjing which is a famous tourist attraction. Jiangsu is an historic city and it is a major attraction for the visitors of Shanghai. Jiangsu is also famous for cultural gems. The city gets its name with the combination of two cities which are Jiang’ from Jiangning and su’ from city of Suzhou. This province consists of population of 78.99 million spread across 102,600 km 2 of area. This city has been a hot spot for economic development. The ethnicity of this city is Han. There are many things to do in and around this city.

Major Attractions

This historic city has many tourist attractions in and around it. The best climate to visit this city is spring and fall. The winters though are short but very cold and the summers are quite long.

Ming Xiao ling Mausoleum

This is the tomb of emperor and empress of the first Ming dynasty and located in Nanjing. This is among one of the world’s heritage sites.

Humble Administrator’s Garden

This is among the four most famous gardens with its immense beauty and it is the largest garden in Suzhou. This luxurious garden is one of the finest gardens in China.

Slender West Lake

It’s a man-made lake with beautiful views and scenic beauty. It is built on the area of 100 hectares and located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. There are more attractions nearby this lake.

Yuantouzhu Island

Located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. This island is also popular as ‘Turtle Head Isle’. This resort on Taihu Lake is a second largest fresh water lake and is in the shape of head of a turtle.


This is a water town located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu province. One can explore the whole town using water boats.

Lingshan Grand Buddha

This is a largest bronze standing statue of Buddha located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province.

Where to Eat

Jiangsu provides with wide variety of food delicacies due to its geographical conditions. Some of the most recommended restaurants here are as follows:

Villa du Lac
This is the only restaurant in Xian Tian Di that has lake view of Taiping Lake. One can enjoy the authentic delicate Jiangsu dishes and beautiful scenery. With excellent service, this restaurant may cost little high.

Fwu Luh Pavilion

One of the best cuisines of Shanghai can be found here. With great ambience and pleasant surroundings. This restaurant is fair in the cost. The main specialty of this restaurant is Yangzhou Gansi and crab meat balls.

Le Ting

This is an old restaurant with western style, dainty décor, excellent service and delicate tableware. This is the most popular restaurant and reservation is required for dining here.

Tianshui Yaju Caff

It’s one of the best seafood restaurant that serves the dishes using traditional cooking techniques. Braised clover and shrimp are the most ordered dishes here.

Nanling Restaurant

With fresh and cleared flavor dishes this restaurant is a traditional school of cooking in Jiangsu province. Dining cost is reasonable in this restaurant.

Yangzhou Restaurant

The main specialty of this restaurant is Jiangsu cuisine. It is built in such a way to give an ambience of ancient water town. Yangzhou Gansi, crab powder tofu and crab powder meatball are the favorites of residents here.


Travelling and dining is incomplete without shopping. One can buy cultural gems and embroidered clothing which are famous things in Jiangsu province. Shopping places in Nanjing are famous for tourists visit.


It is the central landmark of the city and the downtown is the transport and business center of the city. There are various departmental stores and brand stores available here for shopping and getting souvenirs. There are large shopping centers in this area which provides with all sorts of brand products.

Fuzimiao Market

It’s a large wholesale market and the busiest street in this place. Tourists are welcome here to buy things like rain flower pebbles and tea, hanging ornaments, and Nanjing salted duck which are the most famous stuff in this area.

Hunan Lu

This is the second most popular street of the city located in Xuanwu Gate which is built in ancient wall of the city. The street is beautifully decorated and consists of many clothes shops, restaurants and department stores. The famous Shiziqiao Food Street is in the center of the street. The night life is good here.

Golden Eagle Art Center

Another famous place for dining and night life is this art center that shows the collection of Chinese art and paintings.

Flower and Bird Market

This place is perfect for bird lovers. One can find wide variety of birds and flowers in this market.

Chaotian Gong

People who love treasure hunt and interested in antiques can find some ancient and valuable stuff here. This market is full of traditional and ancient paintings, art and various other collectibles. Sellers and buyers from various places come here.

Where to Have Fun

Apart from sightseeing there are various recreational activities for family and children to relax and have fun.

Amusement Land

It is also known as China’s Disney land. This amusement park is full of fun for families. This park includes various thrill rides built in western style.

Boating Tours in Suzhou

It is one of the most exciting ways to explore the Suzhou and surroundings with cruises and motor boats. This is fun for adults and children to enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Andong Nightclub

The nightlife is wonderful here and this is one of the recommended nightclubs for pubs and drinking.

Cycling in Suzhou

It is a wonderful way to explore the city and move around to places. One can see the nightlife and enjoy the lighting at night near the ponds and lakes.

How to Get Around

If you are planning for the trip to Jiangsu, it is very important to know how to get there and explore the nearby places. Airlines are the fastest way to get to Jiangsu as there are 10 airports in Jiangsu province including the international airports. After reaching Jiangsu, one can travel through railways, highways and expressways to various nearby cities

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