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China has some truly amazing places to visit for tourism.


Hubei, China

Traveling can be interesting but disappointing at times. Everybody want to get the best out of a holiday vacation hence getting value for your money without regretting. To have the best memorable moments, you need to have a good plan about your trip as well as having some knowledge about the places you want to visit. Hubei, China is known as a major tourist destination not only in Asia but across the globe. Hubei is a province of the People’s Republic of China, it is located towards the eastern part of Central China. The province is known as, “North of The Lake” due to its position to the North of Lake Dongting. The province is also known as a “Province of Rice and Fish” which are the major agricultural activities in the area. The dominant ethnic group in the province is the Han Chinese with some Miao and Tujia population living in the southern part of the province.

Major Attractions

Hubei has several attraction sites that contribute to the high number of visitors the province received every year. Below is a list of the major attractions in Hubei that you cannot afford to miss:

Jingzhou City Wall

The wall is located in Jingzhou City and has a history of about 2000 years. The wall is 10 meters thick and 9 meters high with a perimeter of 10.03 kilometers. Learn how the wall was formed, reasons, the period and more about the culture and traditions of the people in this city.

Enshi Grand Canyon

The site is located in Banqiao town of Enshi City and reaches a length of about 108 kilometers in length. The place consists more than 11 attraction sites around it which include a forest park, waterfalls, steep mountains, karst land forms and about 200 karst caves which are indeed spectacular.

Hubu Lane

It is a 150 meter long street crowded with many stores. It is one of the famous streets in Wuhan with more than 400 years of history. The street contains snack stores, shopping places and entertainment is lively. You can try several types of snacks and Chinese food like steamed pork dumplings, fried Tofu skin and Re Gan Mian.

Hubei Provincial Museum

If you love to learn more about history and culture, then this is the place to be. The museum is located in Wuchang district in Wuhan city. It houses more than 200000 historical and cultural relics. Some of them include pottery, ancient music instruments and porcelains. Learn more about the largest ancient instrument exhibition hall in China found in this museum.

Xianning Spring

The spring has more than 14 mouths with a history of over 1400 years. The water are hot and temperatures can rise up to about 50 centigrade. The water is believed to have about 10 minerals which has the ability to cure several diseases such as arthritis and skin infections. You can also enjoy the scented osmanthus which is a fantastic experience.

Xianling Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty.

This place was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site located in Chunde Mountain about 7 kilometers to the north of Zhongxiang County. It was built from 1519 to 1540 surrounded with red walls that are about 6 meters high and a width of 1.8 meters.

Where to Eat

During your trip in Hubei, you are assured to get the most delicious meals in several hotels in the province. In short, to get a place to eat is not a problem in the province with quality services from every corner assured. Some of the places to eat include:

Hubu Lane Snack Street

Tons of great foods and snacks available in the many stores in the street. You have a choice to select your best deal depending on your budget and taste.


The hotel is located in Wuhan town, offering perfectly cooked food from the professional workers. Select from a variety of well-cooked traditional foods that gives you value for your money. Have a chance to taste the octopus salad that comes with golden sautéed potatoes.

Coco Tea Drink

It is the best tea shop brand in China, offering perfect services and various types of tea to choose from at an affordable price. The coco and a piece of snacks is just delicious to keep you waiting for the next meal.

Kebab Kingdom

At any time, you need a meal which is well-prepared just go to kebab kingdom. Make an order of chicken, beef, and kebab served with a hot dog bun. Anything, just name it when you are ready for the tasty bite.

The Stone’s Hot Dry Noodles

The hotel offers the best deals when it comes to pasta meals around Wuhan town. They have excellent food at cheaper prices, well trained staff and a variety of delicious meals to choose from.

Aloha Little America in Wuhan

A hotel that cleanliness is the key factor with English speaking staff offering quality services. A lot of food to choose from and safety is guaranteed.


Are you fond of window shopping? Well, your trip cannot be enough without visiting some of the best shopping centers in Hubei including:

Wuhan Plaza

It is located on Hankoujiefang Avenue and some of the services include shopping, restaurants businesses and recreation services. It is a place suitable for both middle class and upper class people offering quality products at affordable prices.

International Trade Plaza

It is a modern country yard building located in Hankoujiefang Avenue. The plaza has all kind of services you would be looking for in a shopping center. From recreation services to a business city.

Wuhan Shopping Mall

You can get a supermarket selling live sea foods, daily articles and groceries in Wuhan Shopping Mall. A flagship store that sells appliances. You can as well buy home furnishings on the third floor of the mall.

Wuhan Chicony

It happens to be the most favorite shopping center for the youth located around the education zone in Wuchang.

Triumph Arch Plaza

It is located to the east of Wuchangxu road. Clothing, appliances, furnishings among other products are sold in the plaza at an affordable price.

Asian Trade Plaza

The shopping center is located on the foot of mount Hongshan in Wuchang. For those who love fashion and footwear, this is the place to be with more than 12 brand zones.

Where to Have Fun

Nightlife in Hubei is just fit for the night lovers. The province has several pubs and entertainment places to make your stay in Hubei an awesome and memorable experience. Some of the places you cannot afford to miss include:

Saarlaender Eck

A place to relax and order some German beer at an affordable price. Meet new friends if you are social enough.

Hotel Botterweck

For affordable drinks, a place suitable for friends and even couples. If you love dancing this is the place to be during your stay in Hubei.


It is located on the first floor of grand Wuhan shopping center and the night life in this place is just lively with a pub and a wine bar. Good value wines and beer that give value for your money.

Zen Stone Coffee Bar and Restaurant

Cheap wine and several brands of beer to make your night life more entertaining and pleasant.

Wuchang Bo Da

It is a famous entertainment site in Wuhan for night lovers. The place have live concerts and if you love dancing, then you cannot miss this entertainment site.

Red Lover

It is a white collar bar mostly for the educated people. The bar plays several kind of music with live bands and other exotic dance performances.

Big Mouth

The bar is mostly common for young people where dancing is just interesting. It is located around Wuhan University and offers all types of soft drinks and cocktails at a lower price targeting students.

How to Get Around

Transportation around the province is not a challenge since there are different avenues through which you can travel from one town to the other or just within one town. In 1905, the railway from Beijing reached Wuhan. If you are on a fixed budget, then you can use public transport services offered by several bus companies in the province. For those who love independent lives can use car hires or taxi services to get around the province. Some hotels offering accommodation services offer transport transfer services so you can consult the management when booking for a room.

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