Fujian, China

Fujian is becoming a very popular tourist destination in China. And while you may be tempted to flock to the larger in-land cities like Hong Kong and Beijing for vacation, this beautiful seaside province with a rich culture and a lot to do is a great escape for an adventurous traveler. This province boasts 35 million residents but, due to the stunning mountainous terrain, Fujian feels almost like an island getaway. And with a year-round warm climate, you can’t get to Fujian fast enough in those frigid winter months. If this brief description Fujian’s temperature and landscape haven’t made you want to go as bad as I do, maybe this extensive travel guide to all the places to visit, eat, shop and have fun across the entire province will help.

Major Attractions

In a province as stunningly beautiful and culturally diverse as Fujian, there is a great deal of different attractions to fill your days with. And while the sunshine will make you want to relax by the sea, you can’t miss out on these beautiful destinations.

Gulangyu Island

This gorgeous island off the southwest coast 600 meters from Xiamen City. Nicknamed the “garden of the sea” for its lavish trees and vibrant flowers, Gulangyu is a laid back, environmentally friendly community only allowing electric-powered cars to quell pollution, noise and otherwise.

Mount Wuyi

Steeped in cultural history, Mount Wuyi is famously scenic, with red cliffs, impressive peaks and isolated valleys. Some spiritual grounds even remain, having been preserved since the seventh century. They provide a great tourist spots for hiking-friendly travelers.

Fujian Tulou

For those interested in the rich history of the Fujian province, these “earth dwellings” are uniquely designed dwellings from the tenth century provide and they great look into the lives of those in the Song Dynasty and beyond.

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

The largest well-preserved historical heritage site in China, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys is located in the heart of Fujian’s capital, Fuzhou. It is made up of some of the most beautiful ancient residential areas in the country.

Binhai Volcano National Geographical Park

For those interested in exploring more of Fujian’s natural beauties, this coastal volcanic park is the only one in the entire country. And with beaches famous for their stunning beaches, this is a hard park to pass up.

Mount Taimu

Earning itself the nickname “The Immortal Mountain on the Sea,” this esteemed scenic area boasts some of the most spectacular views in the country. Mount Taimu features peaks, caves, waterfalls, ponds and even some ancient temples.

Where to Eat in Fuijan, China

Eating when on vacation can be a bit of a mixed bag. But with this beautiful seaside province so steeped in culture, you need not worry about finding something that everyone is going to like. The capital Fuzhou particularly has a great selection of restaurants to try local cuisine along with a few other major cities.

Juchunyuan Chinese Restaurant

This famous restaurant in Fuzhou provides some amazing Fuzhou dishes including a 100 year old favorite the “Buddha over the Wall,” a traditional dish.

Antai Lou Restaurant

Famed for its Min Cuisine, this old restaurant in Fuzhou draws in travelers looking for an adventure in their meals. This place also has a great selection of local snacks you would eat in between meals.

Rong Chen Lao Jie

Another popular Fuzhou spot, Rong Chen Lao Jie is located on an ancient street in the Taijiang District. It is also often called the Rong Chang Meili Jie, referring to the fact that it serves “mainly snacks.”

Lujiang Restaurant

Located in a seaside city of Xiamen, Lujiang Restaurant prides itself on healthy, herbal meals. And with a great view of the sea, you’ll always have an amazing meal.

Shuyou Seafood Restaurant

Another old restaurant in the Xiamen area, Shuyou Seafood Restaurant prides itself on the great seafood that Xiamen is known for.

Tianhe Restaurant

If you’re looking for a healthy option, this Xiamen restaurant provides a vegetarian menu with the classic Fujian herbal flavor.


It wouldn’t be a vacation without a little commercial indulgence and Fujian is more than welcome to accommodate you. The major cities provide great large markets along with a few side shops that have a number of shopping gems.

Wuyi Lu

This commercial area has a great deal of emporium style shopping centers that provide a vast selection.

Xinhuadu Shopping Square

This Square has an amazing selection of items for everyday use and opens very early for the “early-to-rise” traveler.

Taijiang Lu

This area is more focused on the smaller second hand markets that carry clothing and everyday items.

Aofeng Lu

This is the largest wholesale market in all of Fuzhou and is great for getting many different items at even more affordable prices.

Zhongzhou Dao

This is the first pedestrian shopping island located in Fuzhou and caters to those that don’t want to sacrifice culture and adventure while shopping on vacation.

Zhongting Jie

This indoor-pedestrian street houses and number of great shopping locations and allows tourists to get out of the humid Fujian air if necessary.

Where to Have Fun

While Fujian boasts some of the most tranquil and beautiful sites in the country, it also is home to some bustling and budding metropolitan areas that aim to spice up any travelers night. Between the capital and other cities, Fujian has plenty to do in the fun department.

Air Force No.1

As Fuzhou’s most unique and creative recreational area, Air Force No.1 brings forth a number of events specifically designed every day. From dance performances to instrumental demonstrations, you’ll be enthralled until morning.

The Pyramid Music Square

Located in the parking lot of the Fuzhou International Exhibition Centre, this square is host to light music, loud disco and live shows to bring Fuzhou to life.

The Hot Springs

This high-quality sauna in Fuzhou can be find scattered throughout the Hot Spring Hotel. This elaborate sauna is great for a relaxing night of hanging out and warming up.

Taoyuan Tea House

If you looking for something a little calmer, the Taoyuan Tea House presents a great opportunity to relax for a night and enjoy the company of others in a quiet, tranquil environment.

True Love Bar

This place is one of the most popular spots in Xiamen as it boasts its main message as “to make friends.”

Tianlai Bar

This bar emphasizes its natural environment and is one of the oldest bars in Xiamen. It is a great place to swap stories with tourists and locals alike.

How to Get Around

Depending on your goals for traveling around Fujian, there are a number of options. The country’s train system, based in Fuzhou, travels around the province and allows travelers to visit the many corners of Fujian. There is also a helpful long-distance bus service that also travels to the many regions of Fujian. Also, in the capital Fuzhou, there are over 4,000 taxis throughout the city allowing for seamless and relatively inexpensive travel between the many travel destinations in the beautiful province.

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