Botswana happens to be the leader in low-impact upmarket tourism. This kind of approach has resulted to promotion of real time wilderness experience in this natural country. Moreover, the Botswana culture mainly involves a rich tradition or music and art. The city life of the people in Botswana shows their openness, and willingness to welcome foreign people. Actually, the society of Botswana has always been kind and congenial with tourists. The ethnic group in this country depicts the variety of tribal groups common in this South African country. The various ethnic groups include; Kalanga, Tswana, Kgalagadi, and Basarwa. Nonetheless, among these the Tswana tribe is the most common, and somehow important, owing to the fact that nearly 76% of their population are from this tribal group.

In addition, a high number of people are Christians, making it a Christian nation. If you love imbibing, then you should have no worry in this region, as the law permits drinking to 18 and over individuals without any regulation of drinking period. The country favors tourism, as it is laden with various five stars hotels coupled with clean water and toilets, which a traveler can enjoy his/her stay without much worries.

Major Attractions

Botswana is a first class safari destination in Africa providing some of the impeccable wildlife viewing in the world, most particularly in places such as the infamous Okavango delta and Chobe national park. The san bushman culture and Kalahari Desert is another major tourist attraction, and ought to be listed on your itinerary. Here are some of the top attractions in Botswana;

Chobe National Park

It lies within the Okavango delta and is known for its four unique eco-systems. The best time to tour, this place is during May to September. Here you will see herds of zebra, buffalo, eland, wildebeest, and giraffe among many others. Moreover, it is accessible by vehicles making it cheaper than other parks in Botswana.

Okavango Delta

Okavango River passes through the middle of Kalahari Desert, making a distinct inland water system that gives life to surrounding flora and fauna. You can view a lot of wildlife by using the traditional canoe, called, amokoro, during the peak of floods in dry season.

Tsodilo Hills

This is a spiritual outdoor gallery highlighting art of the ancient san Bushmen, some dating back to 20, 000 years ago. It is revered as one of the UNESCO heritage site

Nxai Pan National Park

It is full of fascinating sand dunes, and the infamous Baines baobabs. The perfect time to visit is from December to April.

Tuli Block

This is a rich area for wildlife, which is located around the confluence of Shashe and Limpopo rivers. There are large herds of elephant, a lot of lion, cheetah, and leopard.

Mokolodi Game Reserve

This private reserve has been put aside for conservation education. It is just a short drive from capital city of Gaborone. Ideally, you can participate in white rhino tracking, and have fun of your life.

Where to Eat

Old House

This outdoor bar-restaurant is situated close to a riverbank, and tourists can use it as a guesthouse. They have professional chefs who will prepare you the food of your desire.

Courtyard Restaurant

Deep down the garden region at the back of Botswana craft, this cool place offers a variety impeccable African dish including guinea fowl pot, and impala stew.

Thorn Tree

A complex spot at the northern part of Francistown, Thorn tree is known to serve cuisines like, fresh fish, jacket potatoes and many others. It is highly recommended due to its marvelous experience.

Beef Baron

Going with this name, there is nothing new about the menu, coupled with the finest cuts of Botswana beef served in urban environs. It is located inside the Grand palm resort complex.

Café Dijo

Situated near to Kalahari quilts in Kgale shopping mall, this exquisite, yet casual spot is one of the best places to be. With free Wi-Fi, various delicacy, and awesome coffee, you will surely love it.


May be the best spot of Francistown sit down hotels, this classy place offers the towns best steaks. It is considered as one of the few expat haunts.


Most shops in Botswana stay open between 08:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, while on Saturday it is from 08: 30 to 13:00. Most shops are usually closed on Sunday. Here are some of the places to shop;

African Mall

Being one of the oldest shopping centers in Gaborone, you can go shop for anything you want. Moreover, it also has vintage items, which you might love.

Game City

Of the newer malls in the city, this classy spot claims to be the busiest and largest. It is located on the edge of the city. You can go shop for things such as groceries, and many others.

RiverWalk Mall

This place combines shopping and dining out, with more than twenty food outlets. It is revered to house high-end clothing shops, which you can as well go check it out.

Francistown Market

This small town has a number of craft and gift shops where you can buy items such as, woven items, jewellery, and many others. Souvenirs hunters won’t be disappointed here.

Kasana Craft and Gift Shop

Deep down in this Botswana town lays a hub of special gifts for your loved ones, such as Bushmen crafts, bone-carvings, and pottery.

Gaborone Market

This open-air market is usually filled with different kind of people who are out to shop. It boasts of authentic but cheap products such as, traditional woodcarvings, textiles, handmade jewelry. Gaborone market is surely a perfect place to shop, whether shopping for daily groceries supplies or locally made crafts.

Where to Have Fun

Bull and Bush Pub

This famous restaurant is also a hub for expat nightlife, where youthful Gaborone people go to have wild fun. The dance floor is spacious and the beer is quite chilly. However, Sundays are meant for jazz bands.

The Number one Ladies’ Opera House

Situated few kilometers south of the capital city, this entertainment spots usually highlights activities like, Setswana singing, full-scale opera shows, and community theatre performances.

Maitisong Cultural Centre

Maitisong, a local dialect for a place of entertainment, usually organizes for awesome theatre shows, ranging from Shakespeare plays to the local Batswana music.

Kalahari Cocktail Lounge

This elegant venue located in the Grand Palm resort complex offers an array of cocktails coupled with teas, coffees, snacks, and smoothies. You might join this club and have some fun.

Chatters Bar

This chic bar is situated just within the Cresta lodge and has smooth, soothing live music, mostly during the lonely nights. This upmarket bar is always stocked, however it is quite expensive.

Stardust Cinema

If you are a movie enthusiast, then stardust is the place to be. It offers latest Hollywood entertainment nearly every two hours, between 12:00 to 22:30 on daily basis.

How to Get Around

If you are a lover of the 4 x 4 self-drive, it is always prudent to carry your own road map books, not forgetting a GPS navigation book. This will help you maneuver your way through the foreign country; however, if you do not like driving, the area has a variety of means of transport, which you can utilize. For example, bus, metro, train, and other public transportations.

The railway system is a bit cheap, though it is slow. You can use the day train or the night train, by just booking an advance ticket in any train station. On the other hand, because public transport is a bit erratic, one can hitch as it is safe, and more so, common. Although prior to boarding ensure you know the price as most drivers expect more or equivalent of the bus fare. Moreover, you can as well use the local flights or boats while in water sources like Okavango delta. Conversely, by adhering to all the above tips you might enjoy your stay in Botswana.

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