Best Travel Bags, Suitcases, Duffels and Backpacks

You know that suitcase which won’t roll well, even from the first time you use it? And then you try to pull it over some cobblestones. It’s why that first vacation day was spent annoyed, having to find a place to buy a new suitcase instead of looking all around and getting to explore the areas you wished to visit.

All you need is a single item that makes your day – or something that ruins it – to find out how large of a difference the right travel gear makes. However, separating the top performers from the fakers can be complicated.

The Best Travel Suitcases and Bags

A well-packed suitcase has everything you think you need for your trip, although you’re always going to be missing something no matter what you do. So you’re better off not taking too much extra and picking up items if you need them. If you can, fit it all into a single carry-on and one personal luggage, and you’ll have lots more freedom.

Now, of course, it’s not possible or recommended only to use a carry-on every trip, particularly lengthy business excursions or something like a wedding where several outfits could be needed.

Best Overall Travel Bag, Best Backpack

If you are busy and simply want the absolute best bag on the market, which we love, check this one out:

Tortuga Outbreaker 45L Backpack


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This is a nearly perfect mix of a suitcase and a backpack.

For devoted one-bag voyagers, this backpack resists water, plus it’s durable and straightforward to pack, as well as simple to take on your travels yet comfy enough for you to wear during lengthy trips.

After studying thirty backpacks, doing tests using 7 of them, as well as taking flights cross-country using 2, we believe this Tortuga Outbreaker is the top carry-on traveling bag for voyagers who are determined to not every check a bag again.

This Tortuga is simple to pack it, and it’s also cunningly organized; plus,  it is one of the comfiest bags we have ever used on our travels.  Since it’s very adjustable, has padded shoulder straps along with a harness for your waist, it is effortless on the body. It packs easy just like a suitcase, yet it is comfy and supportive like a backpack, and it averts the majority of the inadequacies characteristic in both kinds of luggage.

On its outside, the Outbreaker has a sailcloth exterior that’s tear-resistant along with sealed zippers to deliver lots of protection both from sharp items and the weather. Inside the bag, its huge main section has a clamshell opening that’s simple for packing things.

Plus, there are lots of organizational characteristics exactly where they’re needed. In essence, the panel in the front particularly stands out, and it’s great to keep track of your electronic gadgets as well as their chargers. And also vitally significant, its adjustable shoulder straps, along with the torso length, as well as the waist belt system—which is just like on a hiking backpack, make this bat the top comfy bag that we tested, notwithstanding its substantial 5.1 lb. Weight when it is empty.

It is obtainable in a forty-five-liter American-maximum configuration for a carry-on. They also have it in a smaller, thirty-five-liter form that is compliant with intra-European carry-on rules, which is excellent to use on weekends and highly recommended for the minimalistic traveler. We would prefer the straps were stowed better, so they were protected better; however, the overall quality of the Outbreaker with its fantastic build, as well as its super ergonomics, justify the premium cost.

However, if you are worried about its weight or the price, or if you can’t find it, take a look at the additional choices we listed in our complete review below of the top carry-on bags for traveling.

Best Packable Duffle Bag

The Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffle


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This is a duffle bag that, when packed, still retains its shape and form.

If a smaller duffle bag is required, which you can put into your luggage, then this duffle is the one for you.

We love that it holds its shape well, no matter if it is empty or full, much better than the majority of duffels on the market.

In contrast to a lot of packable and ultralight duffels (that are inclined to act as disobedient bags unless totally full), the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffle succeeds in keeping its shape; no matter if it is crammed to the top, or even if only partially full.

Best Carry-on bag (one that rolls)

The Briggs and Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner – For people who fly often


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If you are one of those people who fly over 25,000 miles every year, you should buy a bag that comes with exclusive characteristics, the best details, as well as tons of expandable space. Briggs and Riley promises you that you’ll be satisfied.

So if you fit into this travel category, and want the best quality item, we suggest buying this Briggs and Riley Baseline 22-Inch Domestic. This bag fits more clothes than other bags we have tested, due to a huge inside space as well as an ingenious expansion and compression structure which adjusts to several levels besides open or shut.

Best Checked Bag – Suitcase

If you require packing more things than carry-ons (plus the allowed personal item) hold, then firstly, we suggest contemplating if you need all that extra stuff.

However, there are certainly cases when you must go somewhere and require formal clothing, more than a couple pairs of shoes, a warm coat, or some kind of special gear (such as for camping or diving). If so, you can’t avert having to check in some luggage.

Travelpro’s Platinum line, the Elite 25-Inch Expandable Spinner Suiter


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After a ton of research with over 20 pieces of checked luggage, we are incredibly confident in recommending the Travelpro Platinum Line – Elite 25-Inch Expandable Spinner Suiter Suitcase as the best suitcase for most travelers who are checking bags at the airport. This suitcase looks impressive, can hold two weeks worth of clothing with no problems and it comes with a lifetime warranty against damage caused by the airline. You really can’t beat that!

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My name is Jason Peterson and I caught the travel bug during my time traveling the world in the Navy. I am super fortunate that my wife and I can now travel together and share our knowledge, hacks and tips with our friends and readers. Never hesitate to reach out with suggestions or questions.

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