Baja, California

If you are at a point in your year or life where you are beginning to feel adventurous, there is a particular place that will satisfy every aspect of adventure. This special place is called Baja, California/Mexico and what it offers can be enjoyed by just about anybody.

Baja is known as the world’s 2nd largest peninsula, a majestic, rare and mystical beauty that reaches out to precisely 1200 km. It is the kind of place where you can wind through border towns and tiny, little side roads that can drift right directly into your imagination. The big blue sky is untamed, unblemished and the geography itself beckons for a person to chill out and relax, sip on a cool drink and watch the immaculate sunset drop below the Pacific.

This article will fill you in on all of the interesting things to do in Baja and some general information regarding you should know before you head off to this fantastic and fun location.

Major Attractions

Cabo San Lucas

A Hugely popular destination, Cabo San Lucas is a number one choice for Tourist and especially the Spring breakers. Cabo probably has more vacation credibility than just about any place. The beautiful beaches can either be amazingly tranquil or they can be rough, rugged waters. Playa del Amor and the Sea of Cortez provide surfers with the goods and for most surfers, the region is a downright paradise. There is great fun for the kiddies to be adventurous as well, with areas that show off the local animals and where the swimming is second to none. Cabo San Lucas is a legend for good reason and if you stop by this ultra-fun spot, you will no doubt see why.

San Jose del Cabo

Stunning yet laid back with it’s eye-catching 18th century architecture, San Jose del Cabo is a very low-key spot for the tourist or just about anybody to take in and enjoy. It is considered the Baja Peninsula counterpart to the ever enjoyable Cabo San Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is the only area which contains the Sea of Cortez’s sole hard coral reef and the famous wreck of the fishing boat Colima. This tranquil location houses over 200 species of various birds at San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary and those who ultimately enjoy soaking in the rays of the sun, love to visit Playa del Amore, which happens to be one of the greatest beaches in Mexico.


Tijuana is considered one of the most accessible places in the Baja area. The city is thriving and it is well-known for it’s great cuisine and it’s arts, entertainment and cultural centers. Great beaches and family-oriented parks can offer a lot of fun and the city as a whole has become a mecca for sightseeing and recreation in general. There is no other area in the entire Baja region that can give you the same type of excitement as Tijuana.

Where to Eat


VFraiche is the choice restaurant for people who love health, fast and most certainly fresh cuisine. The restaurant was founded by fitness guru Modu Seye, who he had a dream to give people the freshest ingredients, creating spectacular dishes like Chicken Basil Panini, super fresh and tasty taco entrees, salads and smoothies like you wouldn’t believe. VFRaich is considered one of the best restaurants in all of Baja.


Another restaurant specializing in fresh, organic produce is Hierbabuena. The restaurant is an open-air building, set directly in the center of organic gardens. Fresh Mexican cuisine, excellent soups and salads, Hierbabuena has become a staple for the people who are fans of the region’s traditional favorites and within an atmosphere that calls out to nature lovers everywhere.

Las Cazuelas del Don

This is a restaurant that nobody should ever be disappointed with and Las Cazuelas del Don, make sure that this tradition keeps on steady. The restaurant makes the very best traditional Mexican dishes that will make the taste buds go absolutely wild. Slowed-baked casseroles, tortilla soups and even dishes that incorporate exotic ingredients like cactus, fill the eclectic menu. Once you walk into Las Cazuelas del Don and smell the magic, you may not want to eat in another restaurant again.

Where to Go Shopping

Baja is very well-known for it’s low prices and those savings are perpetually being passed down to tourist. When you shop south of the border, there isn’t a whole lot more fun. Some of the various sales throughout the area can save a person up to 90% off their final bills. Stores like:

Tijuana’s Avenida Revolucion

A five minute drive from the border, Tijuana’s Avenida Revolucion is a large, eight block strip mall dedicated to just about everything. Clothes, furniture, Mexican trinkets and so on, you will discover just about everything you will ever need here.


Rosarito’s is a massive, shopping district found directly in-and-around Boulevard Benito Juarez, which happens to be the main street in Baja. Pottery, fountains, rugs and numerous items for the home. Arts and crafts are the pivotal products that individuals who love Rosarito’s always enjoy digging into the countless racks and bins looking for unique pieces created by some of the locals.

Where to Have Fun

If there is one element that the Baja area is short on, you can count fun out. There is so much recreation for tourist, from scuba diving, beach combing and shopping. “La Paz” is a marina located in Baja, where you can spend your time being adventurous diving with the sea lions, spectate the area for wondrous sea life or just simply go for a walk in a special type of beautiful setting that you’d never forget. In the summertime, San Felipe has awesome fireworks on display and the East Cape area has world-renowned bird watching that even people who are casual watchers have a blast with.

How to Get Around

For the most part, tourist feel that the bus system is the very best way to get around Baja. A much more scenic way of transportation is taking the ferry system, every day the ferry leaves Mazatlan and Topolobampo. Both the buses and the ferries are very economic ways to get around in the area and as many tourist have discovered, the ferries will get you to just about every major attraction in Baja. Those who are adventurous like the bus system to discover all of the little hot spots in the city or just to even take the buses to see where they eventually end up.

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My name is Jason Peterson and I caught the travel bug during my time traveling the world in the Navy. I am super fortunate that my wife and I can now travel together and share our knowledge, hacks and tips with our friends and readers. Never hesitate to reach out with suggestions or questions.

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