Anhui, China

Anhui province is an island located in the south central region of China which holds a lot to offer to the tourists, and its Capital name is Hefei.

It has a population of approximately 59 billion. It’s an old civilization and extends back until around 2000 years. Geographically, it extends itself over the Yangtze and Huai River. It shares borders with six provinces; they are Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan and Shandong.

Out of the total population in Anhui, 99 percent belong to the Han ethnicity and the rest of 1 percent belongs to other ethnicities. There are 52 different kind of ethnic groups present in Anhui including the famous Hui, Man, Zhuang and She. Academically, the province is very versatile. It has 73 institutes of higher learning. The drinking age for china is 18 years above, and minor are not allowed to buy drinks.

When to Visit

The ideal time to visit Anhui is in autumn and spring. In this season the temperature is around 14 to 17 degrees. But if you want to enjoy the snow, then winter is the appropriate season to come.

Major Attractions

Anhui is a large province with an area of 130,000 square kilometers. It’s considered as one of the best for tourist visits due to its amazing attractions. The top attractions of Anhui are listed as follows:

Mt. Huangshan, Huangshan

It is also called as the yellow mountain. Its previous name was Yishan. It is one of the most beautiful places in China. The place is historically linked with the yellow emperor Huang Di, who is said to made immorality pills here, Due to this the place got its name as Huangshan.

Mt. Jiuhua, Chizhou

It is an ancient mountain of china. It is considered to be related to Buddhism and is the fourth most famous mountains of China. It has a high reputation which gave it the name of Lotus Flower Buddhist Kingdom’. This place is a famed home and for foreign for its remarkable Buddhist culture and beautiful natural landscape beauty.

Tianzhu Mountain Sceneries, Anging

This amazing mountain is located near the edges of Qianshan County. This mountain is located in the south west of Anhui. The magnificent sceneries extend till 82 square kilometer of area. It got its name Tianzhu because of its highest peak which has a dramatic and precipitous effect. Its name is ‘Heavenly Pillar Peak’.

Taiping Lake Scenic Area, Huangshan

This beautiful lake is the largest man-made lake in the province. The exceptional beauty depicts itself when we see the lake is covered with mountains. The views of waters flowing beautify the scenery. The peninsulas are also differently shaped, covered with stones.

Emerald Valley, Huangshan

It’s also called by the famous name of Lovers valley. It’s a 6 km long valley, with more than 100 emerald ponds in between, in various shapes.

Tunxi Ancient Street, Huangshan

This is an old street, probably centuries old. It related itself to the Song dynasty, where Emperor Huizong transferred his state to Lin’an and constructed this masterpiece of architect.

Where to Eat

The foods in Anhui are at the 8th position in terms of popularity in China. There is a strict control of cooking processes which results in great quality. The Anhui people love food and they put extra effort in their cooking. The menu extends a long way with great versatility and specialties. Following are the few famous restaurants in Anhui which offer amazing food:

The Jiujiu Long Restaurant

It is located in Hefei. The exact address is 327 Jinzhai Ave. It is famous for its hot spot dishes. The ambiance is very delicate and worth visiting for the tourists.

The Huangshan Restaurant

It is located on the famous Bengbu Street. The food tastes great. It is said that it is better than what is served on the mountain.

The Luyangcum Restaurant

It is located on the Huaihe Street in Hefei. The restaurant is beautifully build and is famous for its soups and appetizers.

Holiday Inn

The multinational chain of hotels, the Holiday Inn is located in the Changjiang E. Street in Hefei. It is best known for its continental foods.

The Novotel Hefei

It is located at the Wuhu Street. Its famous item is the western Bakery. The lighting at the restaurant here are amazing. The ambiance is attractive for the visitors.


KFC, another multinational chain has great popularity in Anhui. People are fond of its meat and breads. The best KFC is said to be located at Changjiang Street, Hefei.


Shopping is everywhere in Anhui. The best shopping places are located in Hangshan. The following Shopping centres are given for reference:

Anhui Commercial Capital

It’s a great mall. The best clothing and big name branded merchandise.

Hefei Drum Tower Shopping Mansion

You can buy everything here. It’s a multi shopping plaza with household stuff to electronics, everything is easily available.

Hefei Department Store

This department store has a very good selection of grocery and home goods.

Hejiafu Supermarket

Good for electronics and official stationary stuff. It is built with a huge texture.

Vista International Plaza

A very big plaza, made on the concept of get in, buy everything.

Anhui Huadian Supermarket

And last but not the least, the Anhui Huadian. A great place to shop with families.

Where to Have Fun

There are numerous hang outing places in Anhui. You can go out with family or even with friends. You will enjoy a lot at the following mentioned places:

Fanta Wild Adventure Park

The park has a large number of attractions. It’s an amusement park, build with high and advanced technological facilities. Families love to come here. It is spread over a large area of 600000 square meters.

Hefei Nightlife

It is located in the heart of Hefei city, near the Ningguo north road. Near this there are a lot of bars and karaoke to enjoy.

Anhui Grand Theatre

It is located on the lobster street and is a treat to watch. Many famous dramas and plays are exhibited here. The atmosphere in the theatre is very lively.

Charlie’s Bar

It is located on the fourth floor of Holiday Inn Hotel. It’s a great place to be. You can enjoy drinks with a charm of live music.

Jhin Zai Lu

It has revolutionary importance in the province. The musical ambiance is amazing, a treat to watch.

39 Degrees

It’s another popular bar in Anhui. It is located in the Ma’an Shan Lu. It’s usually busy at nights.

How to get Around

There are many ways how the tourist can travel within the city. Anyone can hire a car on rent and travel. There is also the option of Taxi. The subways are also available for long distance journeys. Buses are also available to travel to nearby and far places.

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