Are you interested in culture and people? Welcome to Albuquerque, located in central New Mexico; it has many tourist lures to entice everyone; with its population of about 500,000; cultural identities; and tourist attractions. It has a grabbing history and if you love fun, Albuquerque is for you. Summer is full of noise and excitement; hot and humid; but a very relaxing change for people who spend their life in the bone freezing snow. Springtime will be picturesque with gorgeous wild flowers dancing on the mountains, but it can be windy and chilly. Fall is the best season to visit Albuquerque; the days are tranquil, crisp with multi-coloured leaves and totally worth touring during September to November; the most spectacular festival of Albuquerque, the balloon fiesta falls in October, where you can see more than millions of hot air balloons; a floating spectacle in the air, swaying and swirling like a salsa artiste. The hotel charge during the fall is actually less when compared to that in the summer, and you can travel around without fearing a fierce thunderstorm during this season. The green Chile harvests take place during September and every shop will be filled with spicy and juicy food; the aroma of appetizing food lingers in the air will direct you to these shops; there’s no doubt about that.

Major Attractions

Albuquerque Bio Park

With its four proud collection of attractive spots, this is one of the greatest spots to spend your day.

The Botanical Garden, with its variety of flowers, lush scenery and ample of gardens is a beauty for your eyes to feast on. It contains a glass conservatory with plants from desert and Mediterranean weather regions; a butterfly garden, with the fluttering of colourful butterflies during summer; a model railroad; “Fantasy Garden” with giant pretend vegetables, insects and bugs will be your child’s dream comes true.

The ABQ Aquarium will attract young ones and older people alike. With fresh blue water and colourful underwater species, this place offers peace. The Spectacles include Gulf of Mexico saltwater species from an assortment of habitats. The best bit of the aquarium is a gallon shark tank with a viewing window to enjoy the beautiful sea turtles and rays.

The Tingley beach consists of three fishing ponds for fishing lovers and it has a model boating pond. You can rent the boats and fishing equipment in the shop and enjoy the fishing experience.

The ABQ Zoo has surprisingly wide collections of species, including polar bears, hippos, snakes, gorillas, seals etc., Irrespective of its comparably small size.

National Hispanic Cultural Center

It’s developed for the study, presentation and improvement of Hispanic culture and arts. With its historic styled building, the place will capture the hearts of historical lovers. It includes an art museum with beautiful art displays, a library, and an auditorium where the traditional dance and art exhibits will occur.

Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque Balloon Museum

Overlooking the balloon launch field is this very vibrant museum devoted to the science and history of ballooning. The exhibits of balloons, and the record achieving balloonists are the most remarkable and enjoyable. It also has interactive exhibits, which is thought-provoking; kids will enjoy this most as it contains balloons in various shapes and sizes.

Sandia Peak Tramway

Travelling to the Sandia Peak is breathtakingly beautiful and adventurous. The 15 minute drive to the peak has a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains and the exquisite view of the city. Skiing is available during winter time and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’d love the risky mountain biking during the summer.

Old Town

It proudly displays century old architectural skills with its narrow brick paths. There are several museums located within easy walking distance of the Old Town plaza, including American International Rattlesnake Museum, Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, Turquoise Museum, ¡Explora! etc.

Where to Eat

The Frontier Restaurant

The Frontier has Mexican food with a beautiful dining scene. It is spacious and showcases a remarkable art gallery. For an art and dining encounter in a single place, this is a must visit.

Church Street Café

For reasonable and tasty food, stop at this café; cozy and simple, this is the best place to have a serene family dining experience.

El Pinto

It has a lovely setting, great servings and a great menu. Love Nachos? Do go to El pinto.

Dos Hermanos

With deli-style New Mexican food, served with hot-Chile, this place offers a peaceful but lively atmosphere.

Asian Grill

For international flavours, with aromatic dishes, Asian Grill is your place. It serves Asian and Vietnamese dishes.

Grandma’s K and I Diner

Relish in authentic Albuquerque cookery; it serves a hearty meal of fry covered burrito s


Old Town

For a New Mexico shopping experience, this is probably the next finest place to Santa Fe. Old Town Emporium, is a gift shop with cheap souvenirs, which certainly has its appeal. Andrews Pueblo Pottery & Art Gallery, has a countless collection of works from native artists. With beautiful earthen clay displays, it will attract finery lovers.


The shopping scene is limited; however it has some interesting spots. Patrician Design, is a wholesale boutique with art, jewelry, and some well-designed home accessories. The Man Hat’s shop, portrays wide collections of hats. Sumner & Dene, displays fine furnishings and jewellery. Skip Maisel’s, has Indian Ornaments, crafts and sculptures.

Nob Hill

One of the best places to window shop, if you’re into it. The Herb Store, for herb lovers, which hoard up on all herb supplies and medicines. Masks Y Mas, an art galleria overflowing with folk art.

Bien Mur Indian Market Center

It has piles of Native American jewelry, ceramic, hearth rug, and portraits.

Where to Have Fun

Terrene Hookah

A bar with amiable surroundings and friendly service. The best place to spend with friends.

Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Heterogeneous and eclectic, this place is for alcohol lovers and fun lovers.


It is an Exclusive themed nightclub; filled with rocking music. Thursday nights are dedicated to Goth/Electronic beats.

Downtown Distillery

With its long bar downstairs and pool lounge and bar upstairs, it attracts alcohol lovers who love to party.

Zinc wine bar and Bistro

The atmosphere is not too extravagant but refined. The food is delightful; the wine catalog is lengthy; and it’s your place, if you love a good and risky wine blending experience.

Horse & Angel Tavern

It has an assortment of domestic and imported beers on tap and fine food. It’s laid back, but not sloppy.

How to Get Around

If you’re driving your car, you should familiarize yourself with the road construction project going on from the government website, to make your journey less tiring; car rentals are available in local towns or at Albuquerque International Sunport. Bus is the cheapest means of transport and the best way to get around. It has an express bus facility, called the rapid ride. ABQ is suitable for bikers and you can easily bypass the congested traffic, if you’re skillful at riding bikes. For some tourist spots, tram services are available. Some tourist attractions have rail routes to make travel easier and enjoyable. Or you can even get around on a horse along the Paseo Del Bosque Trail to enjoy the view. Albuquerque’s individual neighbourhoods are relatively easy to navigate on foot. Old Town attractions are close together, and you can enjoy the view when you walk.

Jason Peterson

My name is Jason Peterson and I caught the travel bug during my time traveling the world in the Navy. I am super fortunate that my wife and I can now travel together and share our knowledge, hacks and tips with our friends and readers. Never hesitate to reach out with suggestions or questions.

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