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link to Ubud


Ubud is the most attractive and picturesque village inside Bali. It appears that the habitual Balinese way of life has been capable to overlap with a lot of tourists visiting into the little village....

link to Lithuania


Lithuania is one of the three main estates in the Baltic Region that has coast with white sand dunes and popular holiday resorts. Inland, it has a plain with lakes and forests that rises to the...

link to Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat is the sixth largest city with a population of 61,180 in Canada. Based in Southeast Alberta in Canada, the city has an abundance of natural gas, coal and clay. The city is also known as...

link to Normandy


The total population according to a 2006 census estimated about 3,260,000 people with average population density being 109 people per square kilometer but the density was estimated to about 147 in...

link to Kailua Kona

Kailua Kona

Planning your dream vacations can sometimes become quite a handful, but if you are Traveling to Kailua-Kona for a vacation then be prepared to be captured by the true magic of Hawaii. Being one of...